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Celebrate Battery Day

As February 18th is officially Battery Day, we thought we would celebrate by taking a closer look at the world of batteries. Batteries are something that we all use without thinking about. Common batteries can be found in your television remotes, torches and many other household items.

But while you may immediately think of the traditional AA or AAA battery, it’s important to remember that batteries are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes to meet all needs. Batteries such as those used in mobile phones or laptops have been designed to power high consumption devices for hours at a time.

So while your mind may go to the batteries that can be commonly bought in stores, remember that the battery world is much bigger than you think! Take a look at some battery history and facts in celebration of Battery Day!

Batteries – A Long Lived Invention

You may think that batteries are a recent invention but the reality is that they have existed since the 18th century. Alessandro Volta is credited with the invention of the electrical battery which was originally known as a voltaic pile.

His invention produced a stable current along with continuous electricity. You may think that Volta’s name sounds familiar and that is because the derived unit for electric potential, electromotive force and electric potential difference is named after him with ‘volt‘. This means that when you see a battery that is described as ‘9V’, it is named after the battery’s creator!

But What About Rechargeable Batteries?

In yet another surprisingly old invention, the very first rechargeable battery was created in 1859 by Gaston Planté. This was a lead-acid battery that could be recharged by simply passing a reverse current through. It is still used today for car batteries as they are able to provide high surge currents despite a low energy-to-weight ratio and energy-to-volume ratio.

The list of available rechargeable battery types is extensive with nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium-ion, and lithium-ion polymer batteries and more available. The increasing demand for rechargeable batteries means that less disposable ones are being bought, helping to become a more eco-friendly area.

The news last year that Energizer had introduced the world’s first recycled batteries that were made from 4% recycled materials is sure to further increase environmental awareness. Why not take a look at the range of rechargeable batteries that are available on OPInfo to see what is available to purchase?

Battery Safety Is Important

While batteries may be a common sight in offices and households across the UK and Ireland, there are significant risks that can be found with them. As such, it is important to make sure that awareness about battery safety is highlighted.

The small size of most batteries, in particular button batteries, poses a significant threat as a choking hazard. As such, batteries should be kept away from small children or if necessary they should be supervised. If a battery is swallowed it could lead to suffocation, so medical help should be sought immediately.

Alternatively, it is equally important to keep batteries in the best condition possible. Crushing or puncturing a battery can lead to leakage or eventual rupture. In the event of a battery leakage, it is important to clean it up as quickly and safely as possible.

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