Holiday Entitlement In The Workplace

Holiday entitlement in the workplace

Everyone has found themselves dreaming of going on holiday somewhere, or even simply just taking a day off. If there are many people in your workplace though, arranging your holiday leave may be harder than it seems as you may have to navigate other people’s holiday requests as well.

We’ve taken a look into the legal entitlement for UK workers regarding holidays as well as giving you some tips to get the best days.

What Are You Entitled To?

The good news is that here in the UK, almost all workers are legally entitled to paid holiday leave. In particular, they are entitled to 5.6 weeks of leave. For workers who work 5 days a week, this means that they are legally allowed 28 days of paid leave a year.

The way that this is calculated is by multiplying their normal working week of 5 days by the annual entitlement of 5.6 weeks. This means that part time workers are also entitled to the minimum of 5.6 weeks of leave, however it may actually amount to fewer days than a full time worker.

According to the government website regarding holiday entitlement, this means that if a worker only works 3 days a week then they will have 16.8 days of paid leave by multiplying 3 by 5.6. If you’re someone who is instead if a shift worker or you work irregular hours then you can use the helpful government ‘Calculate Holiday Entitlement’ to find out what your leave should be.

Bank Holidays Are Not Required To Be Paid

Most office workers in the UK will find themselves not in work on a bank holiday, however did you know that it is not actually a requirement to give a bank holiday as paid leave? Many workplaces instead choose to include bank holidays in an employee’s entitled holiday leave.

This means that the employee will get the day off and be paid just like if they took part of their holiday entitlement. The downside to this is that there may be workplaces that do not allow employees to take a bank holiday as paid leave.

Tips For Requesting Holiday Leave

Some people may have no trouble at all booking their holidays in the workplace, but for others it may be more of a hassle. For example, those with children may find it much harder to have requests accepted during half term as there is the likelihood that everyone with children will have the same idea.

Alternatively, if there are many people in your office then you may find that certain months are fuller than others. Some workplaces may implement a system where only a certain number of people are allowed to be on off work at the same time to try and combat this.

To try and always get the best days, it may be advisable to try and plan out when you want to take your holiday days. Then, whenever your holiday entitlement for the new year begins try to request them as early as possible so that there is more chance that your request will be authorised.

As well as this, try to be considerate with regards to colleagues. If someone desperately needs the day that you have booked and there is no reason as to why your day cannot be moved, then perhaps consider moving it. This can also mean that there is more chance that someone will be considerate for you in the future.

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