Over Half Of Workers In The UK Not Happy In Their Job

UK Workers Are Not Happy

There will be many times when workers will find that they are not happy with their current job, but often it can be just a fleeting thought that passes by. But for many, it can be a lingering feeling that simply will not go away.

New research from Course Library saw 1,000 participants surveyed about their job satisfaction levels. The results found that over half (56%) of UK workers are not happy with their existing employment. This may be bad news for employers as a Gallup report in 2016 found that millennials in particular were more likely to change jobs quickly. It would be reasonable to assume that lack of happiness in a job would be a top contender as to why someone leaves.

The Gallup report found that 21% of millennials had changed jobs within the previous year and even more worrying for employers, they were less likely to remain at their current job. In fact 60% were found to be open to a new or different job opportunity, 15 percentage points higher than non-millennial workers.

Development And Learning Is Influential

The Course Library research found that 25% of those who were unhappy confirmed that it was because of a lack of development opportunities. A similar study from 2016 found that just over a quarter (26%) of UK workers listed a lack of reward and recognition as their main grievance. This shows that employers have a long way to go to achieve happiness in the workplace for all employees.

Providing opportunities for learning and development can have a very positive effect on the feelings of workers. Of the 43.7% of those who responded by saying they were happy, 38.2% said that it was because they were learning new skills.

Workers Willing To Invest To Be Happy

The study also found that a staggering large proportion of workers would be willing invest in development and training in an effort to boost their career opportunities with 86.7% supporting this. Amongst the younger workers between 18-24 this rose to 94%, showing that development is crucial for employees to ensure that they have a happy workforce.

Jazz Gandhum, Founder of Course Library, said: “This latest research by Course Library demonstrates a strong correlation between training and development and job satisfaction, highlighting that those who are most happiest in their positions are those offered regular training by their employers.”



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