Four Tips To Effectively Brainstorm


The workplace often requires sparks of creativity to produce truly great ideas and brainstorms are a regular feature of workplace life. Combining brainpower when getting a project up and running, creating new thoughts or even improving current work processes can produce far more when compared to a single person working on their own.

Brainstorming can not only produce innovative ideas but also cut down time that is spent in a certain area or find ways to reduce budgets that others may not have thought of. Being able to run a brilliant brainstorming session can be hard though, so here are four great tips to help.


One of the reasons that brainstorms are often so useful for generating ideas is because they are very visual. People can absorb information and also create mental images which can further help to advance their thoughts and encourage the creative process.

Using a whiteboard is the perfect way to help produce bigger ideas. Suggestions can be noted down clearly. Colour can be used to organise different thoughts or you can colour code ideas from people to provide more structure. An added benefit to a whiteboard is that you can remove or add words when necessary, just wipe away what you don’t need.

Mind The Gap

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, perhaps consider the end goal, where you want to be and where you currently stand. Ask everyone to help identify what is in-between these two goals and what can be done to achieve them.

Perhaps visualise this by actually drawing a line between what you want and what you have, ideas can be jotted down along the line to help guide thinking.

Go For Bad

Many people are often unwilling or reluctant to bring up ideas during meetings or brainstorms because they worry that their ideas will be seen as bad which can lead to them being rejected, or alternatively they can be ignored all together.

To put people at ease, try starting the session by asking for the worst ideas everyone can think of. This will help to relax all the participants and may have the added benefit of producing an idea that is actually good.

Map Those Words

Word association is when someone says a word and you immediately reply with the word you associate with it. By producing a list of words connected to the subjects, it can also be a good way to find links that you may have never thought of in the first place.
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