Celebrate International Day Of Happiness In The Workplace

International Day Of Happiness

Happiness is something that everyone seeks out, whether it’s to be happy in their family life, their home life or even their work life. March 20th is the International Day of Happiness, a day that has been celebrated by the United Nations since 2013.

Its goals are to try to recognise the importance of happiness for people across the world as well as encourage the recognition of the relevance of happiness and well being in public policy objectives. Happiness also has an important role in the workplace as a happier workforce can lead to higher productivity levels as well as simply making it a nicer place to work.

This is even more important given that an article we posted last week on OPInfo Blog directly discussed how over half of the workers in the UK are not happy in their job. In celebration of International Day Of Happiness, we’ve come up with some great tips that will help to encourage happiness in your workplace.

Offer Flexibility

Something that stresses many employees is lack of flexibility in their job. Being unable to choose how to schedule their day can lead to unhappiness as what works for one person is unlikely to work for another.

Perhaps offer employees flexible hours that will suit their needs or in some cases, allow them to work from home. It will help to improve their mood if they know they are not restricted to exact hours in an office building and will allow them to flourish under their own schedules.

 Offer Clear Goals

It is incredibly hard to be happy if you are not given clear goals that can be worked towards. Action For Happiness states that goals help people to motivate themselves and that happiness can be achieved by planning and pursuing.

In the workplace, this can mean giving employees a clear goal of where you want the team, department or even company to be at a certain point. This will allow them to get into a good mindset that will in turn allow them to figure out how they can help achieve this. Achieving a goal will in turn produce happiness.

Encourage Creativity

Make it clear to your employees that you are open to new ideas or simply give them time to come up with creative new ideas. It’s important to remember that no two people are the same, which means that in a team of 10 people there will be 10 different viewpoints about work.

This means that someone may see a way to improve the way you work in a way that could save time or money. It can also improve the happiness levels if they are aware that if there is something they are unhappy with or that they can see is not working has the potential to be changed if they speak up.

Recognise Employees

Many companies today may implement reward programmes such as Employee of the Month or work to gain discounts that can be used outside of work. These ideas will help to improve productivity and happiness levels, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture such as this.

Simply remembering to thank employees for their hard work can be a huge boost to their self esteem and happiness. It may sound like something you expect to see in a school with children, but the fact remains that positive reinforcement can have positive benefits.

How Do You Increase Happiness?

These are only a few ideas that can be implemented to help increase happiness in the workplace, but there are many more out there. Are there are any that you use in your office? Why not let us know, we’d love to hear your tips!

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