3 Reasons Why You Should Label

Why you should label in the office

When people think of labelling in the office, it m is common to immediately think about labelling items such as files and ring binders. That is because these kinds of items are frequently used in the workplace. They often require a label to avoid having to waste time searching manually through various filing to find what you need.

But labelling is incredibly versatile and can offer many more options than simply labelling your files. We’ve put together 3 reasons why you should start to label in your workplace more often to help save you time and potentially money.

1)    Labelling For Security

Have you ever had that moment where an item from your department or desk has suddenly gone missing because someone stole it? There might be that initial moment of annoyance but often it can dissolve into begrudging acceptance that you will likely never the item again. This can be even more annoying as it will often cost either you or your department to replace the item.

So how can you stop this from happening? Labelling is the ideal way to make it clear that something belongs to either you or your department. Quickly print a label, or even write a label, and stick it onto the item in question with your name, or department name, so that it is obvious who owns it. This will make it less likely that people will steal these items.

This could also potentially be used for items of food in the fridge and for more expensive items such as laptops, computers, screens and so forth. While it isn’t an ironclad guarantee that stealing (or borrowing) will stop; it will at least reduce the chances of this happening.

2)    Labels For Organisation

Organising items can make finding them much easier in the future, and labels are the perfect way to quickly and efficiently create an organisation system. Print or write out labels for files, binders, or anything else you may need to store away and create simple organising systems.

It may be easier to create an alphabetical system, or in certain cases it may be more beneficial to have a numerical system, which will make finding the exact file you need incredibly easy! By keeping your workspace organised, it will not only be quick to find what you require but will also help to encourage a tidy work environment.

While the most common use for labels may be in filing systems, they can be used for other items as well. You may find yourself spending far too much time trying to figure out which cable is the exact one you need, only to keep getting it wrong constantly due to the sheer number that can often be found on or under, a desk.

By labelling your cables you will be reducing the amount of time you spend searching, and it can also help to tidy up wires by removing any unnecessary wires you find to maintain good health and safety in your office.

3)    Label For Referencing

We mentioned this at the start, but referencing is still likely to be the key reason that people will use labels. If you find yourself filing large amounts of information, it can be confusing trying to find the exact documents you need again in the future.

Always ensure that your files or binders are clearly labelled with the contents. By indexing everything that is inside, you won’t be stuck searching through multiple files and wasting time. It will also help with your organisation as it will allow you to file together similar information for even easier access in the future.

If you find yourself needing to label, why not take a look at the extensive range of Labels available on OPInfo.net? There are labels to suit every need in a large variety of environments as they are incredibly versatile, including being used to provide health and safety information as well as give important instructions.

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