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Double A believes that environmental sustainability and economic development are compatible, and that the company’s fundamental responsibility is to preserve and protect the environment within and around its operations. To achieve this, Double A currently:

•Ensures that their processes, equipment and operations have a minimal impact on the environment.
• Utilize efficient production processes to conserve energy and raw materials.
• Operate facilities in compliance with the government’s environmental regulations
• Give preference to suppliers and contractors who demonstrate sound environmental standards and practices.
• Support government initiatives to promote environmental conservation.
• Prevent pollution by implementing environmental awareness programs for employees and educate personnel on the potential environmental impact of mill operations, and the appropriate measures to take to minimize them.
• Continuously monitor the environmental impact of our operations and improve their performance by setting environmental objectives and targets and reviewing their effectiveness.
• Be a good neighbour, and keep community members, representatives of local institutions, and customers informed about the measures required to protect our environment.
• Issue an annual environmental report to be made available to the public.

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A leader in sustainable manufacturing, Double A’s policy of environmentally friendly milling operations means that every sheet of Double A  paper and all of their product lines are produced with the perfect balance of product quality and environmental care.

Double A’s operations include the ‘cradle to mill gate’ lifecycle assessments, internationally recognized certifications, and advanced technology that are essential for the sustainable manufacture of pulp and paper.

Double A ensures that its environmental credentials are current, and works with NGOs in Thailand and overseas to support their environmental initiatives. Double A is continuously measuring their own environmental performance against the standard to ensure that every one of their products is manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

Double A’s manufacturing process is founded on the use of raw materials we can cultivate, conserve and generate without interfering with nature and our neighbouring communities.

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At Double A, ‘No Waste is Wasted’ because the tree bark, oversize wood chips, lignin and black liquor from the pulp and paper production process become the fuel that generates the 100MW of electricity which is more than enough for the mill. Any excess is sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to power our local community of 400,000 households.

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