Celebrating 70 Years Of Innovation With GBC

GBC 70th Anniversary

GBC, one of the leading providers of document finishing solutions, is celebrating a very successful 70 years in the industry. Throughout those 70 years, GBC has been at the forefront of the industry, producing cutting edge binding and laminating solutions for offices.

These solutions have stood the test of time, resulting in GBC being one of the most iconic brands in the document finishing solutions industry.

A Long History Of Quality

The company was founded in 1947 when its founders, William N. Lane and two business partners, recognised that there was a need for documents that were appropriately finished that spanned across every industry. As such, they aimed to provide binding equipment to offices worldwide that was of a professional calibre as they believed that great ideas also deserved great presentation.

The General Binding Corporation was born from this, and ever since the GBC name has become synonymous with document finishing that is high quality.

At The Forefront Of Development

1960 saw the introduction of the ComboComb comb binding machine from GBC. This innovative machine meant that mechanical binding was now accessible to the masses, allowing binding of documents on a large scale.

The world of binding was further expanded in 1961 with the first electric, desktop mechanical binding punch, 16EB, being introduced. This allowed business users to bind faster and easier than ever.

It would only be a few years later before GBC was again at the front of innovation with the introduction of the tabletop laminator in 1966. Both developments were benefits for business users, allowing their work to be quick and simple while still producing the high quality expected.

Since these early years, GBC has gone from strength to strength, increasing and developing their portfolio continuously throughout the years. In 1991 GBC became the only manufacturer to offer every available binding style after the acquisition of VeloBind, Inc, ensuring that they can always meet the needs of their customers.

Innovation That Will Continue

GBC merged with ACCO World in 2005 to form ACCO Brands Corporation to become one of the largest suppliers of branded office products in the world. To this day they continue to innovate with their products with the launch of their updated Fusion laminators in 2017.GBC Fusion Laminator

The new Fusion laminators have a warm up time that is up to 33% faster, making GBC products still the ideal choice for busy professionals across the United Kingdom. Take a look at the range of GBC Fusion Laminators that are available on OPInfo.net to find out for yourself.

The 70th anniversary is an important milestone with Chris Gaskell, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, ACCO Brands EMEA commenting: “Businesses rely on document finishing techniques to bring information and ideas together. For 70 years, customers have called upon GBC’s advanced finishing solutions to protect, enhance and present all types of written materials.

“Even today, an appropriately finished document will ensure it stands out, grabbing attention and enticing people to read it first. We’re proud to provide the technology that enables businesses to make a great first impression every time with their documents”.

Chris Gaskell continued: “We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support as we celebrate 70 successful years of the GBC brand. At the core of their evolution is our customers and we look forward to working together with businesses worldwide to continue driving the document finishing industry forward.”

Find out more about GBC and their long history by visiting www.gbceurope.com.


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