Where Is The Happiest Place To Work In The UK?

The happiest workplaces in the UK

We often see articles that give advice on how to be happy in the workplace but is there also a geographical link to just how happy you can be? New research by Happiness Works on behalf of Robert Hall UK indicates that where you work can have an effect on how happy you are at work.

So where is the happiest place to work in the United Kingdom? The results suggest that it is in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, with 77% of those surveyed stating that they are happy at work. This proved to be far above the national average of 63%.

Yorkshire and the Humber Have the Happiest Employees

The good news for Yorkshire and the Humber is that not only are their employees the happiest overall, but they were also found to overwhelmingly get on with their team (88%), have good friends in their office (72%) and also found their work more interesting (74%).

The second highest region to report that they are generally happy while at work is the East of England with 66%. The south of England and Scotland were found to be the least happy with only 60% reporting that they are happy in the South and 56% in Scotland.

Along with this, Northerners in general were found to feel the most appreciated with their jobs with over half of respondents in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster feeling that they are valued by their employers.

 Scotland and the South of England Unsatisfied

Both Scotland and the South of England ranked as the most unsatisfied in the UK with 17% reporting that they are unhappy at work and a high one in six saying that their work is uninteresting. In terms of inter-office friendships and harmony, over a quarter (27%) of those in the South say that they do not get on with their teams or have good friends in the office.

Other findings include that half of Londoners are found to feel that they have the most influence and a high 71% feel a sense of accomplishment with their work. This compares to the national average of only 63%.

These good feelings come at a price though with Londoners claiming the most stress with their jobs with 35% responding that their job is stressful. While the East of England is found to be the second happiest region, they are also at the bottom when ranked in terms of fairness and respect. Just over half respondents (59%) said that they feel that they are being treated fairly which is below the national average of 67%.



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