Bring The Fun Of Summer Into The Office

Bring the fun of summer to the workplace

Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year when the sun is shining, the skies are clear and nearly everyone feels in a brighter, cheerful mood. After all, summer often means holidays and days out in the bright sun.

But when you work in an office, it can often be a dual edged sword as it’s likely you’re more often staring at the blue sky through a window instead of actually being able to be outside. So how can you bring some of the fun of summer into the office without disrupting work too much?

We’ve come up with some great, simple ideas that will allow you to get the best out of summer, even if you’re stuck inside!

Summer Dress Down

A dress down day in the workplace is always fun for people and a bonus is that they can often wear clothes that are much cooler than their normal work attire. Encourage people to create a summer theme to fill up the office with vibrant colours to bring the summer theme inside.

Perhaps have a competition to see who can be the best dressed for summer? Maybe even go further and encourage a fancy dress day that is themed to summer or holidays?

Have Some Summer Games

There are plenty of games that can be played in the office and summer allows you to bring a fun beach twist to them. Inflatable balls can be used to play ‘beach’ volleyball in the office or you could engage in a tournament of mini golf.

The games should be enjoyable and accessible to all as well as being safe to play. Try to create a section in your workplace that can be used specifically for the games, there’s no need to cause accidents and breakages when having some fun!

Bring Some Cool Treats

Ice lollies and ice cream can immediately make people feel happier and more summery, so why not buy some and bring them in? Offer them around to people for a sweet treat during work, though make sure that it won’t impede their workload.

It’s guaranteed to brighten their spirits and encourage a happier mood!

Have A ‘BBQ’

Now we’re not suggesting you actually have a real barbeque as that likely will not be allowed in your workplace. However you could suggest to people to bring in food and have a team buffet for lunch. Encourage people to bring in more foods that are appropriate for warmer weather such as bringing plenty of fruits and cold meats.

Perhaps decorate the table that the food will be on with a beach theme to brighten up the workspace.

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