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Many companies try to actively ensure that their work space is visually appealing to employees to try and improve productivity. This often means that offices are filled with natural looking light and modern furniture in an attempt to bring a touch of modernity to the workplace.

But many offices may neglect to use colour efficiently, with many choosing to retain the standard white, black or grey colour schemes common in professional settings. Bright and vivid colours may not go with a company’s image, but they can be instrumental in helping to improve the productivity of employees.

Colour Can Affect Productivity

The colour used in a work space can directly impact the performance of people. Colours such as blue and green can be used to help improve the focus of employees according to an article in the Entrepreneur.

Both green and blue are colours that often invoke a sense of calmness, happiness and well-being. This could potentially be due to the associations we often have with them; green is the colour of nature and blue is the colour of water, both things that often cause people to relax.

Red on the other hand can be ideal to help improve the performance of employees but be careful as it could potentially lead to negative effects in the long term. This may be because we often associate red with negative emotions such as danger and fire which causes an adrenaline boost.

Bring A Splash Of Colour With Rexel JOY

Workplaces don’t have to entirely re-paint their office to bring some colour though. Touches of colour can be brought with office products and the good news is that Rexel has a range of brightly coloured office products to suit anyone.

The Rexel JOY range is available in four vibrant shades that are perfect to bring out individual personalities while bringing a spot of colour to your desk. Be energetic with Pretty Pink, calm with Blissful Blue, creative with Perfect Purple or successful with Lovely Lime!

This colourful range was launched by Rexel after extensive research showed that there is a growing consumer demand for bold office essentials to create colour-co-ordinated workspaces. Take a look at the range of Rexel JOY products that are available on OPInfo including staplers, expanding files and more to bring some fun to your workspace.


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