5 Tips To Work Comfortably In Your Home Office

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While many people will work in an office building, surrounded by colleagues and in environments that have been carefully designed by an employer. For others however, they may have the luxury of working at home either part time or full time.

An advantage to working in a home office is that you can be in complete control of your desk and work set up. This means that if there is anything that annoys or distracts you, it can be removed with minimal issues.

To help keep your home office organised and keep you working productively and efficiently, we’ve come up with some useful tips.

1.     Always Be Comfortable

While it may be assumed that working from home will be more comfortable than in an actual office, it can actually be the opposite. Workplaces are often designed with ergonomic comfort in mind; employees who are comfortable with minimal health risks are more likely to be productive than those who are uncomfortable.

Homes however are not designed with this specifically in mind, which means that you will need to be in charge of your own comfort and ergonomics. Ensure that your monitor or laptop is set up at a comfortable angle by using a monitor stand and provide support for your wrists with a wrist rest.

A comfortable chair is equally important, so try to invest in an actual office chair that has been designed to be worked in for longer periods of time.

2.     Minimise Distractions

In our article on the challenges of remote working we discussed how your environment is important to ensure you can keep up your productivity. Home may invoke feelings of comfort and happiness, but there can be plenty of distractions that can be found from animals to children.

Make it clear to any family that may be home that you will be working and consider placing a sign on the door if you have a specific room to warn everyone that you are not to be disturbed. One of the easiest ways to reduce any distractions is to discipline yourself to act as if you are in the workplace, so only respond to work related emails, calls and texts.

3.     Keep Your Space Tidy and Clean

Your home office should be kept as tidy as possible to help promote a productive working environment. Invest in cable tidies to not only improve the look of your work space, but also to increase the safety as it will help to reduce the risk of any accidents or injuries.

Create a filing system that works for the space you have to store documents. This means that you can always have them on hand without them taking up too much space or causing your desk to become too cluttered.

4.     Make It Somewhere You Want To Be

When it comes to our workspace, most of us don’t get a whole lot of say in it. But in a home office you can have 100% control over the aesthetics, allowing you to choose the colour scheme of where you work. Choose colours that please you and you find productive and compliment them with accessories such as the Rexel JOY range of products.

Bring nature into your workspace by adding some plants, they are not only pretty to look at but also have some great benefits such as providing you with cleaner air and even helping to reduce your stress. By making your workspace somewhere you actually want to be, you will be happier to work there.

5.     Keep Your Technology Up To Date

If you are working for an employer, then it may be likely that you are using equipment that has been provided by them. As such, this means that it is also your employer who will take responsibility for keeping your computer or laptop up to date with the latest software and such.

It is still important however to make sure that you are always kept up to date in terms of technology. Keep your software as updated as possible by keeping in touch with your employer; if everyone in the office is upgraded then make sure that you are as well.

For those who are self employed, consider what technology will work best for you. Do you need a second screen to do your work efficiently? Is a computer or a laptop better? By considering issues such as this, you will be able to make sure that you can work in comfort.

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