Why You Should Drink More Water In The Workplace

Benefits of water

Coffee and tea rule the workplace in the United Kingdom with a large number of drinkers, to the extent that many workplaces will often provide them for free. Both also come with plenty of health benefits such as being more alert due to the caffeine stimulant, in addition to the fact that for many they simply taste good too.

But there is another drink that may not be as widely loved as the beloved tea and coffee, and that is water. There are a large number of people will drink it in the workplace; but some people may chose to only drink it whereas others will have it as an addition to their usual cup of coffee or tea.

There are many studies available that advocate a certain daily intake, but the NHS advises that everyone can have a different recommended amount due to age, climate and physical activity. As such, a great rule to follow is to simply make sure that you drink enough so that you are not thirsty for long periods.

It is important if you work in a hot environment or do lots of physical labour that you in turn increase the amount you drink. That is because it can become incredibly easy to become dehydrated without realising due to the loss of water in hot areas or because of large amounts of activity.

The Benefits of Water

Water also offers many great benefits in terms of health which can in turn benefit a workplace. While coffee and tea can help to re-energise a workforce through caffeine, a more natural way is to drink water. Dehydration is often associated with tiredness and mood problems, so the more you drink the more alert and productive you will be.

As well as this, staying hydrated can also help to manage stress levels so consider always have a bottle on hand with you throughout the day. Make sure to regulate your water intake, you will want to be drinking small amounts regularly throughout the day instead of simply consuming large amounts sparsely.

Regular intake can also improve physical health with headaches being another common side effect of dehydration. So if you feel tired and have a headache, consider increasing the amount of water you drink to try and combat this.

How Can You Drink More?

Employers in the UK are required by law to ensure that workers have access to drinking water, so there should always be a clean supply available in any workplace. Make sure that you are aware of where this supply is and consider purchasing a bottle to be filled frequently. This will allow you to constantly have water on hand without having to worry about any accidental spills.

There are many people however that it is bland and may not want to drink more as a result. It can be incredibly easy to make water taste much more interesting though. You can consider adding some fruit to such as lemons, strawberries and anything else you may want to try.

You could also create flavour concoctions such as mint and cucumber; the good thing about water is that it can be used to create many different tasty infusions! Consider also trying to drink sparkling water as the difference could make it more palatable.

Try to avoid drinking too much manufactured fruit flavoured water though; this kind of water often contains plenty of hidden sugars that can be bad for you in large quantities. Why not take a look at the range of water that is available on OPInfo to keep your workplace fully hydrated?

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