6 Essential Items For Back To School

Essential Items for School

It’s that time of year again when schools open their doors again and children take their seats in classrooms across the United Kingdom. September is not only the month of primary and high schools returning, but often many colleges, sixth forms and even universities will begin their new semesters.

As such, it’s incredibly important to make sure that young people have everything they need to make studying both in class and at home easy. We’ve put together a list of 6 of the most essential items for anyone going back to school, whether it’s going to high school or beginning the new university year, so take a look.

1.     Notebooks

The staple item for any college or university student in particular, notebooks are the perfect way to make sure that any note taking is kept in one place for easy studying in the future. Notebooks are also incredibly versatile as they are available in a range of sizes, from A4 size for those who like to have all their information on one page or in A5 size for those who prefer to take shorter notes.

From wirebound to casebound and available in a huge variety of colours, there is a notebook available for everyone. Multiple notebooks could also be used for each subject to easily separate notes for future reverencing. Take a look at the range of Notebooks that are available on OPInfo to find the perfect notebook for any students needs.

2.     Pens

It’s hard to take notes in a notebook or exercise book without a trusty pen. Pens are a staple stationery item for anyone in class and they can range from incredibly simple stick pens to fountain pens for anyone who wants to bring a little style to their notes.

A great pen for any student is the Pilot FriXion pen. Not only does it allow for neat notes to be taken, but it also uses heat sensitive ink that means any mistakes can be erased using friction, so there is never a worry about any unsightly notes!

3.     Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is incredibly important for anyone who wants to keep their productivity levels up, which means it is even more important for any student. A water bottle can allow students to drink water while in a classroom or lecture hall, so they can keep themselves hydrated during those long learning hours.

The good news for students is that there are many studies available that show some of the benefits of water, including reducing stress levels, so make sure to always drink up!

4.     Bag

Studying often requires many different books, whether these are notebooks, exercise books or textbooks. It can often be impossible then to carry these all around without a bag, so students should make sure that they invest in a good quality bag that will last them throughout the school year.

Make sure that the bag is comfortable to use as it’s likely to end up being quite heavy with all the books that need to be carried. At the same time, it is equally important to make sure that the bag is also big enough to store everything in one go.

5.     Post-it Notes

The bright and colourful Post-it Notes are the perfect studying accessory as they not only catch attention but also provide space to write notes down. This is ideal for studying from textbooks, particularly if the textbooks are not allowed to be written in. Simply jot down notes and then stick the Post-it Note to the page needed.

It also means they are perfect for colour coding certain topics or just providing a reference point for future studying. We have Post-it Notes in a variety of sizes, colours and styles available to on OPInfo to view, so find the perfect notes for any studying needs now.

6.     Filing

Filing can allow students to create specialised topics for subjects which can in turn make studying incredibly easy. Ring binders are available in a large range of colours, so subjects could also be colour coded to allow for easy referencing in the future or simply to show some personality.

They are also ideal for protecting notes from any unfortunate damage, so those notes will be still be there whenever they are needed!

It’s Not Too Early To Think About Studying!

Even though the school year is just beginning, it’s never too early to make sure that students are prepared for studying when the exam season comes around. Why not take a look at our article with Stabilo on how to make revision simple and fun?

All of the items we’ve listed here will help to make studying simple, so make sure that students are prepared for the new school year!

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