How Can You Improve Your Office?

Improve your office

For most people in the workplace, we often tend to just accept our workspace as something that we can’t change without a lot of effort. But while it can understandably be hard to have an entire office changed at short notice, not to mention be extremely costly, there can be small things you can do to improve your office.

Given that October 4th is Improve Your Office Day; we’ve got three useful tips that can be done to help make your office workspace more productive for yourself and your colleagues. Take a look at our tips and see if there is anything you can do quickly.

Plenty Of Bins

It may be common sense to have bins in the workplace, but it can be surprising how often employees find themselves having to search for their closest bin. This can often result in one of two things happening; either employee’s spend more time searching for a bin or they simply keep their waste on their desk.

Causing employees to spend time searching for a bin means that they are not focusing on their work and their productivity will fall. This particularly worrying for employers as it is estimated that it takes around 25 minutes for someone to return to their original task once they are interrupted. It can also lead to offices looking untidy and runs the risk of being a hygiene hazard.

There’s a full range of waste bins available on OPInfo in a variety of styles and colours to suit any office environment. It may not be something that people will immediately think of when considering how to improve an office, but employees are sure to appreciate having somewhere close to dispose of their waste.

Provide Storage

It’s inevitable in an office that employees somehow gain a lot of items, from documents to filing to stationery. It often ends up that people have too many items for their desk to fit, which can lead to desks that give an untidy and cluttered appearance.

Providing storage can help to alleviate these problems and help the office to keep a professional and clean look. Cupboards and shelving are ideal for storing filing and other larger items as well as providing somewhere central for items such as this to be located.

But storage doesn’t have to just be big like this; consider installing some under desk drawers so people can store plenty of smaller items as well. Alternatively, letter trays and magazine files can be used on desks to provide somewhere to store loose documents, magazines and much more.

Bring Nature Into The Workspace

In an article written on OPInfo Blog in 2016, we discussed why plants can help to bring some positive benefits for the workplace. These ranged from helping to improve productivity to providing cleaner air, and the great benefit to plants is that they are not expensive to buy or maintain.

As well as this, they can often bring some cheer to workers as they are visually pleasing to look at, improving the overall aesthetic of an office. Make sure that the plants used are acceptable to employees, some may find certain flowers too overpowering and so forth.

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