Battle The Winter Blues In The Office

Battle the Winter Blues

We have officially hit autumn here in the United Kingdom and this means colder days and longer, darker nights. This can often affect people’s performance in work as the arrival of winter can often bring about a sense of lethargy, particularly when it comes to the workplace.

Mornings are darker, which can often make getting up harder as people will want to stay snug and warm inside their bed for longer. The lack of bright sunlight can also be a factor, winter days in the UK are often overcast with no bright sun or blue skies.

Some people may suffer from a disorder known as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)’, which is known to be a type of depression. SAD is sometimes called the “winter depression” as the symptoms that occur are seen more obviously during the winter months.

According to the NHS, symptoms can include a low mood, feeling lethargic, sleeping for longer, and craving carbohydrates, gaining weight and more. Some may not feel the effects very strongly, whereas for others it can directly impact their day to day lives.

The reasons behind SAD are not fully known, but it is often linked to the fact that there is reduced sunlight during autumn and winter. While this is perhaps the extreme end of the negative side of autumn and winter, feeling less happy during this time compared to spring and summer is common.

How To Defeat Winter Blues

So how can you help to battle any winter blues in the office? Workplaces are not exactly renowned for being bastions of happiness at the best of times, and in the deep, dark depths of winter it may be harder than ever to find some happiness.

While it is harder to stay out or find in the sun during winter; sunlight is perhaps one of the greatest benefits. Being exposed to sunlight allows a hormone called serotonin to be released. Serotonin has been associated with helping to improve moods as well as helping calm and focus.

Sitting next to a window in the workplace can help to improve your serotonin levels by providing natural light. But this may not be an option for a majority of people as this would obviously require seating changes, which would mean some people, would not be near a window.

Daylight lamps are the perfect solution for this situation as they have been designed to provide a natural Daylight mode that will simulate natural lighting. They are small enough to fit on a desk while still providing a more natural light for workers compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. Take a look at the range of Daylight Lamps that are available on OPInfo.

Incorporate Exercise

Fitness is always important as a healthier workplace is also a more productive workplace. It can also help to alleviate any lethargy that the autumn and winter months bring as it will get your body moving around.

An article on how to improve fitness in the workplace on OPInfo Blog gives some great tips that will help to promote health as well as resulting in a happier and productive workforce. Some key tips are to take short breaks to break up the monotony of work and to ensure that you are using your lunch wisely. Perhaps take a walk around the general vicinity of your workplace or simply spend time away from your desk to mentally recuperate.

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