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The spookiest time of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s also the perfect time to bring some fun into the office! Given that the days are becoming both shorter and colder, Halloween is the ideal day to encourage your workplace to have a fun, activity filled day that will bring some cheer to all the workers.

Something that is important to remember while planning out your Halloween themed day is to make sure that everyone is aware that participation is not a requirement. It’s not fun being made to get involved with activities that you’re not interested in and some people may have to concentrate more on their work than getting involved.

With that in mind, how can you bring some creepy Halloween cheer into the workplace? We’ve got some great tips to help you have the perfect Halloween event!

Decide How Big It Is Going To Be

When organising an event the most important thing to establish first is how many people are going to get involved. As such, it should be important to consider how many departments you have in your workplace and whether you want everyone to be included or not.

If you work in a small office then it’s quite easy to get everyone involved as well as to keep costs low. For workplaces that employ hundreds of people across many different departments, it may be more acceptable to focus on only one or two departments and let others take over planning for the other departments.

By doing this, instead of having to stretch money out across multiple departments, it can instead mean that there is more money for activities, prizes and decorations per department.

Dressing Up And Games

What Halloween event is complete without the traditional dress up aspect? Encourage employees to put on their best costumes and have a Halloween competition! Halloween costumes are a time honoured tradition in countries that celebrate this spooky event, but did you know that they have been worn since at least the 16th century?

It can often be hard to get people to dress up at the best of times, but when it comes to the workplace it may be even harder than normal. Consider creating a fancy dress contest to encourage people to put on their best and most innovative costumes. Some people will respond with gusto to this, whereas others get to at least be amused by the costumes!

Create some Halloween themed games as well to break up the day for people. Make sure that the games are fun and accessible for everyone, and if they provide amusement for everyone who isn’t playing then it’s even better!

Games such as horror movie inspired charades, pin the tail on the black cat, Halloween themed trivia quizzes and much more are great ways to involve large groups of people at once. Make sure that there is a prize offered for every game to encourage people to participate.

Halloween Decorations Everywhere!

What big event in the office is complete without the traditional decorations? Halloween in particularly can inspire some particularly creepy and spooky decorations with witches, pumpkins, monsters and much more being prominent.

Stock up on cheap Halloween decorations in supermarkets to quickly bring some festivity to your event. Make sure to decorate either early in the morning or the night before so that everyone will get a frightful welcome at the start of the work day!

Alternatively, start a competition for the best Halloween decorations for each department. There’s nothing like some friendly competitiveness to bring out the fantastic decorating skills in office workers!

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