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Have you ever been sat at your desk in the office and found yourself being bored by your surroundings? Many offices often end up looking the same – standard desks with monitors, telephones and desk chairs. The colour scheme is likely to be something neutral with perhaps some pops of colour.

While you may just think that you’re bored because of your work itself, it may also be because of your workspace. New research from Office Genie has found that UK office workers actually feel that their workspaces do not cater to their needs, particularly for introverted people.

The survey of 1,456 working people saw 67% stating that their workspaces lack areas that aid lone-working and over half (54%) do not provide private spaces for people to work in. A further 58% also noted that there are no quiet areas for them to work in; something that is particularly important for introverted people.

Introverted Workers Need Different Features

While areas such as quiet areas and chill-out areas were found to rank highly for everyone, introverts in particular wanted to see areas such as these with 30% of those identifying as introverted feeling it would benefit their wellbeing. This compared to 22% of extroverts feeling the same way.

In terms of boosting the productivity of employees, 24% of introverted workers felt that a private work station would provide their work with a boost when compared to 17% of extroverts. What is particularly interesting about this is that well over half of UK offices are open plan (67%), which makes private areas often non-existent.

This may not be considered incredibly important but 20% of respondents to the survey said that their workplace does not allow them to carry out their work comfortably. This can have a direct impact on productivity as it people feel uncomfortable while working then they are unlikely to be as productive as they could be.

A startling statistic is that 70% of respondents said that not being able to work comfortably actually impacts on their desire to come to work.

Encourage A Rethink Of Office Features

It can be hard for employers to gain the perfect workspace that pleases everyone. Just like the temperature, the office features  that work for one person will not work for another. But while it is unlikely that a ‘one size fits all’ solution is found, there can be ways to compromise that are much easier and cheaper than entirely redesigning an office.

If you have an open plan workspace, consider sectioning an area off and making this a quiet area or an area that employers can go to when they need some time to relax. There could be individual desks in here that provide quieter areas to work in that will appeal to introverts need for peace.

Allow employees to find someone that works for them and consider allowing them to reorganise their personal workspace as needed. Some people may want to enclose themselves away from other workers, and while this may be considered anti-social it may be what the worker needs to be productive.

Perhaps the most important tip is to simply listen to what your employees want. A consensus is always nice, but it’s important to consider the viewpoints of those who do not agree. Every employee is important and productivity should be attainable for all, not simply those who agree with the majority.

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