End Of Year Archiving For Peace Of Mind

Archiving for peace of mind

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is the perfect time to engage in a bit of ‘winter cleaning‘ in the workplace. While having a large cleaning spree is often associated with spring, it can make sense to do this during the winter months as well.

There are often times when people have large piles of paperwork on their desk, resulting in frantic searches for the correct document when the time comes. Not only does this look messy to outsiders, but it can also result in a decrease in productivity due to the amount of time that may be spent searching for the needed document.

Archiving documents is the ideal way to clear up space as well as provide everything you need in one easy, accessible place for not only you but anyone else who may need access. To help with this, we’ve got some useful tips to make archiving for the end of the year quick and easy.

Only Archive Relevant Documents

It’s important to remember when archiving that you should only be filing away documents that are actually relevant and could potentially need to be accessed. Archives in particular are full of information that is old, but may be needed in the future.

As such, the first thing to do is to go through all the documents you have and weed out anything unnecessary. There may be documents that have passed the requirements for legal retention, or simply documents that you do not need anymore and are fully aware will not be necessary in the future.

When disposing of documents such as this, it’s important to remember that they are disposed of correctly. For anything that contains sensitive information, this should be shredded using a shredder with high security such as a P-5 level.

Once you have done this, your archive should only contain the documents that you may potentially need in the future. It is likely as well that this will reduce the amount of space required. Archiving is particularly important with the imminent arrival of the General Data Protection Regulations that come into force in May 2018. For more information on the GDPR, take a look at our article with Rexel to make sure you are completely prepared.

Create Enough Space

When it comes to archiving large amounts of documents, it is crucial to make sure that there is enough space to store your filing once finished. If the documents are likely to be accessed frequently, then consider investing in shelving that will hold your ring binders or lever arch files.

Alternatively, if you have files containing documents that are not critical but still need to be archived consider storing them in files and then further into archival boxes. These can then be stored elsewhere and will remain protected from any unfortunate damage for potential use in the future.

Clear Labels For Quick Retrieval

When storing your archived files, make sure that they are clearly labelled for ease of access in the future. Consider spending some time creating a system that will allow people to find the exact file they need quickly and efficiently.

This may be as simple as using colour coding by using certain colour files for certain subjects or by using a coding system that can be easily read on the spine label. By doing this you will be creating a useful time saving feature for when the files need to be accessed in the future.

Enjoy The Art Of Filing With Leitz

Leitz understands the importance of filing and organisation in a variety of environments, including the workplace. The Leitz Lever Arch Files are particularly useful for storing documents for both short term and long term filing as they have been expertly designed to allow great efficiency.

They have a patented 180° precision mechanism that allows each lever arch file to have a 50% wider opening. This makes filing and emptying them much faster, which is great news for anyone who needs to archive large amounts of material!

For anyone who wants to colour code their documents, Leitz lever arch files are available in a range of colours including the eye catching Leitz WOW Lever Arch Files. This range includes pink, blue, ice blue and much more.

Leitz has also partnered with Derwent to allow customers to engage in their creativity by offering a reward when purchasing at least one pack of 10 lever arch files from the participating range. Included in the rewards are the Derwent’s Unwind the Wilds colouring book, pencil set, watercolours and much more.

Why not take a look at the range of Leitz Lever Arch Files that are available on OPInfo to find your perfect archiving solution?

For more information regarding the Leitz’s Art of Filing campaign visit their website: http://www.leitz.com/en-gb/promotions/art/


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