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Think of an office and the traditional workspace that comes to mind might be a boring, grey environment that is both uninspired and often outdated. The workplaces of today however are often bright and busy with colour in an attempt to modernise; both to make the company look professional and hopefully improving productivity of employees.

It is important for companies to make workplaces comfortable to work in, after all employees often end up spending a large portion of their week in these areas. As such, the decor of an office is equally as important as this is what employees will see for hours on end.

While the overall decorating of workspaces including walls, carpets and general decor is often left to an employer due to the time and money involved; there can be great benefits to allowing employees to be involved in customising their own workspaces to a degree as well.

Employees Desks Are Personal

This is particularly true when it comes to an employee’s desk. Except for those employees who hotdesk, a desk often becomes personal space which in turn leads employees to wanting to personalise it to fit their needs.

By allowing people to turn their workspace into areas that they both physically and mentally enjoy spending time in, it can in turn help to increase their productivity levels. People who are allowed to decorate their workspaces were found to be up to 32% more productive according to a study by the University of Exeter*.

Not only this, but unhappy and unproductive workers are, perhaps unsurprisingly, found to be expensive as a business will have to spend extra money to cover the productivity that is being missed. A survey of 1,000 American workers found that almost half said that their workplace design had no personality – resulting only 1 in 4 saying they would be proud to show off their office.

Show Your Colours With Leitz WOW

It is understandable then that companies are seeking to make their workspaces more inspiring to their employees while ensuring that they are remain practical. At the same time, office workers want to have both attractive and eye catching products on their desk.

The good news is that the Leitz WOW range has been designed to meet all these needs. The range of bright and colourful products is guaranteed to bring splashes of colour that will suit plenty of colour schemes in workspaces across the United Kingdom.

From the Leitz WOW Cubes that will increase the amount of storage space for paperwork and office supplies to a range of Leitz Wow Desktop Accessories including the Leitz WOW Tape Dispensers. With a colour range that stretches from blue to pink and plenty of colours in between, there’s something for every desk to bring a touch of innovation to your deskspace!

Why not take a look at the full range of Leitz Wow products that are available on OPInfo to bring some inspiration to your workspace.

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