How Do You Know If You’re An Office Geek?

How do you know if you're an office geek

If you work in an office then it’s incredibly likely that you work with stationery, whether you only use a pen and notebook on occasion or have a pen pot filled to the brim with various colours and styles.

While there are many people who won’t think twice about what pens or accessories they have, there are equally people who take immense pride in their stationery. But while many people enjoy having nice pens, how do you know exactly if you’re an ‘office geek’?

Signs Of An Office Geek

Well new research of 2,000 office workers, commissioned by Lyreco, looked into what some of the indicators an office geek would have, with half of those surveyed feeling that they take pride in having nice stationery alongside a tidy desk.

Some of the other signs included getting annoyed when another member of staff uses your desk alongside loving a pen which writes well and possessing a wide range of colours of ballpoint pens, including blue, black and red.

Those who feel that they are an office geek are also proud of their status, with 84% of those self confessing to being a geek being proud to do so. Some of the other statistics of those who take pride in their stationery include 62% making sure that when they lend out their stationery, they get it back. Though 40% of those surveyed preferred to not lend their stationery at all, ensuring that it doesn’t go walk about.

Office Stationery Offers Emotional Resonance

Buying new stationery can often feel exciting and remind us of when we were children, and 61% agree with this stating that their love of stationery comes from childhood memories. Over one fifth of respondents also felt excited at getting new stationery, showing that it can have an emotional resonance that we underestimate.

For those who love to colour code their notes or who find a new pen that writes wonderfully, six in 10 agreed saying that highlighting and a good pen can help to improve their mood if having a bad day.

A full list of the 29 signs that you’re an office geek is below, so take a look and see if you an office geek too? Make sure to take a look at the range of office supplies available on OPInfo as well to refresh your own stationery supplies!

  1. You enjoy labelling things
  2. You love the feel of a pen that writes well
  3. New stationery makes you happy
  4. You have a colour-coding system
  5. You own highlighter pens in at least three different colours
  6. You tidy your desk every day
  7. You feel out of control if items aren’t filed properly
  8. You have a to-do list
  9. You own black, blue AND red ballpoint pens
  10. You hate it when someone uses your desk
  11. You hate it when colleagues steal your stationery
  12. You own a desk tidy
  13. You love shopping for new stationery
  14. You love spreadsheets
  15. You have your own mug
  16. You find colour-coding therapeutic
  17. Your desk chair has to be ‘just so’ – and you can tell when someone has been sitting in it
  18. You have at least three different colours of sticky notes
  19. You feel envious when you see other people’s fancy new stationery
  20. You think stationery is the best thing about working in an office
  21. You own cleaning products specifically for your desk at work
  22. You used to love getting a new pencil case at the start of a new school year
  23. You feel completely lost without your beloved stationery
  24. You have favourite items of stationery that you look forward to using
  25. You never chew your pens
  26. You don’t think there is any such thing as too much stationery
  27. You love the smell of new stationery
  28. You have a Pinterest board dedicated to stationery
  29. You write in different colour pens depending on your mood

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