Spring Into Action With An Office Clean

Have an office spring clean

Today marks the start of the National Spring Cleaning Week, so why not consider getting the office involved and engage in a big clean? There are many fantastic benefits to having a clean and tidy office which can include higher levels of productivity by helping to be more hygienic and reducing the amount of sickness workers are taking.

In fact, office equipment can often end up being bacteria hotspots with an average keyboard potentially harbouring up to 7,500 bacteria at once, which can mean illnesses, could spread quickly. For offices that engage in hotdesking, there comes the added risk of new people constantly using a desk or phone, which can further increase the risk of any illnesses being spread.

As such, keeping cleaning items such as the 2Work Telephone Cleaning Wipes or the AF PC-Clene Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes Tub are perfect to keep on hand to quickly clean desks to help increase hygiene. This is of particular importance for employers as the average employee is reported to lose up to 9 working days a year to sickness, and an untidy and unhygienic office will only contribute to this.

What Is The Origin Of Spring Cleaning?

When we think of spring cleaning, it’s likely that we more likely associate it with the home. That’s understandable though as spring cleaning in the United Kingdom has its origins in when we used to warm our houses with fireplaces. By keeping windows and doors closed to trap warmth in the house, it often led to houses become sooty and grimy.

As such, with the arrival of longer days, which meant more light, and warmer weather, people would air out their houses and use the time as an excuse to clean. Now that we have modern appliances such as central heating, it’s not as required but there is still a strong inclination to clean for spring so that you’re ready for summer.

While most offices may make use of a cleaning service, these are not likely to get involved in actually fully cleaning a desk. So why not consider encouraging employees to deep clean their desks by providing a range of cleaning items for them to use? Make sure to promote why a clean desk is a healthy desk to ensure that people understand how important cleaning is.

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