Ouch! Dealing With Accidents At Work

Dealing with accidents at work

The tech giant Apple is well known for its ingenious designs, which means that it only makes sense that their new $5 billion headquarters in California is also a pinnacle of high end design. The new building is four storeys of glass and metal in a circular shape, designed by Norman Foster.

To add to this, according to the Guardian the glass has been treated specially to ensure that it has an exact level of both whiteness and transparency, meaning that it looks indistinguishable to the actual outside. Alongside this, the doorways have flat thresholds so that engineers do not have to alter their gait.

While this may sound wonderfully sci-fi and spaceship like, the new building has already begun to be a headache for employees there, in some cases literally. That is because Apple employees keep walking into the glass, with three employees needed medical treatment during the very first month of occupation.

Why Do Accidents At Work Happen?

Installing glass doors and windows may be a pretty solid way to ensure that there will be at least some accidents at work, most workplaces will find that it is perhaps impossible to prevent accidents completely.

There can be many times when an accident is the fault of the employer, but there are equally times when it is the fault of the employee. Some of the reasons could be following shortcuts, which could be particularly unsafe in environments such as warehouses or those dealing with chemicals or other dangerous machinery.

Alternatively, it could be due to a lack of housekeeping in the business, which could be a result of either employer or employee. Keeping areas clean and tidy helps to minimise any unfortunate risks that may arise, which in turn reduces any accidents at work.

Many workplaces will have safety procedures in place to try and avoid any unfortunate risks, particularly when dealing with machinery or other hazardous materials. This may be written down rules that employees need to read, or it could include frequent signage or even including a Health Hazards in the Workplace Poster so people are kept fully aware.

What To Do If You Have An Accident At Work

Your workplace should have rules in place for if an accident ever happens, which should hopefully include an accident book that will keep track of any incidents that happen. If there is no accident book, then it is important to write down all the details of what has happened and then make sure to send it to your boss while retaining a copy for yourself.

It is important to make sure you see a doctor after your incident so that there is a medical record of your accidents and any potential issues that could arise. If your injury results in you being unable to work, then you should be able to receive Statutory Sick Pay. You may be able to claim compensation from your employer if your injury is particularly bad, though it can be a complicated issue and often takes a long time.

Your employer should make sure to make any necessary adjustments to your job or working environment once you return to work. This can include making sure that you have more ergonomic benefits in your immediate working space to make working comfortable for you, particularly if your accident results in a long term injury.

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