It’s For Charity: Fundraising In The Office

It's for charity fundraising in the office

The United Kingdom has two large scale fundraising events each year that are televised nationally. Both hosted by the BBC, Children In Need is held in November and raises money for children and young people who are disadvantaged in the UK. The second occurs in March and alternates between Comic Relief and Sport Relief, both of which are aimed at helping poor and disadvantaged people.

But outside of these two television charity events, there are thousands of charities in the UK that each have a different goal, from charity juggernauts such as Cancer Research UK to charities that have a niche focus such as the MND Association to charities you may not even realise are charities such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Why Should Office Fundraise?

This means that there are plenty of charities available for organisations to choose to support, and for larger organisations there is even the possibility of different departments adopting a charity each to fundraise for. The good news for businesses who are considering if they should get involved in fundraising is that charitable giving can help to provide networking opportunities along with improving and increasing their presence in a community.

A community that is aware that their local business is involved with giving to charity is likely to feel more positive towards them. In turn, their employees can feel happier in the workplace knowing that they are helping to make a difference.

Along with this, it can help to promote team building within an office as fundraising activity can bring people together under the name of charity. People who may never have worked with each other before may become invested in co-operation with the goal of fundraising.

How Can Businesses Find Their Charity?

When it comes to deciding on what charity to choose, businesses will find a plethora of options available to them. One of the most important things to first consider is whether to go with a national charity such as Barnado’s or a regional charity such as the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. A decision could even be made to choose a charity that personally affects an employee.

An organisation could simply decide to do some independent fundraising and then simply donate the money to their chosen charity, or they could instead choose to contact the charity and see if there are any materials that can be provided such as banners, posters and more. If the fundraising become large enough, there could even be the potential for an organisation to encourage surrounding businesses to get involved to create a larger pool of donations.

When it comes to the actual fundraising, there are an incredibly large number of ways for employees to raise money for a charity. It could include large scale events that require planning such as running a marathon, skydiving or climbing a mountain that an entire company can donate to. Alternatively, it could be an office wide event that includes lots of smaller games to encourage people to get into the spirit.

This could include having a bake off, a day where the office either dresses down or dresses in costume, guessing the amount of sweets in a jar and much more. There are countless ideas that can be done to encourage people to donate that are fun to do, so why not consider encouraging your office to start fundraising?

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