Do You Eat Your Breakfast at Work?

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Mornings aren’t kind to us, especially when Monday morning arrives and we can’t seem to get out of the door in time. With our careers being as important as ever, a new trend has begun – eating breakfast at work.

Last night’s plan to get up earlier for breakfast goes out of the window when we hear the first sounding of our alarms. Instead of getting out of bed, we sleepily press the snooze button – because ten extra minutes in bed is worth going hungry for.

In a hurry, we might pick up a cereal bar from our cupboard or grab something on our way there. But for some, preparing an actual morning meal in the office seems like the most logical option to fitting the ‘most important meal of the day’ into our hectic lives.

National Deskfast Day

This year, there is a day dedicated to the act of eating breakfast at work: National Deskfast Day. On the 28th March this year, munching breakfast at our desks is celebrated and perfectly acceptable. Say goodbye to the growling stomach that interrupts your morning meetings, and enjoy the most important meal of the day whilst you work.

Deskfast Day is part of the national ‘A Better Breakfast Campaign’, which aims to tackle the declining number of people that eat breakfast. With recent studies claiming that avoiding breakfast increases the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, taking time to eat breakfast has never been more crucial than ever.

Etiquette to Eating Breakfast at Work

If we wish to celebrate Deskfast Day at work, then we must do it mindfully and considerately. Whilst most administrative and executive roles should present no problems with eating at your desk, in other roles it is absolutely forbidden.

Following the company protocol of how food breaks should be taken is a good start. Whilst some companies might not have a problem with you eating while you work, others might prefer a ‘no food at work stations’ policy – checking your company handbook or talking with human resources will give you an idea of what you can get away with.

If your desk job is to act as the face of the company in a receptionist or public role, eating in front of customers or clients is deemed strictly unprofessional. However, arriving a few minutes early with a breakfast snack to do the handover is fairly acceptable.

For a clean and pleasant working environment for yourself and your colleagues, cleaning up after yourself is a MUST.  You might have your own desk, but your space is often shared with others and no one likes to work next to a pile of crumbs and a mouldy plate.

Eating breakfast in the office can be time-saving and help you to achieve more in the working day. By following a few simple rules in office etiquette, you can achieve this in bliss.

Enjoy a smoothie, grab a bagel, or decorate your cereal with fruit – with so many options on how and what to eat, there’s no excuse to not get involved this Deskfast Day.

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