Failed? Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried

Failed? Why You Shouldn't Be Worried

Everyone is afraid of failure as quite simply, it means that you didn’t succeed in what you attempted. Whether it’s going for that new job, trying a new recipe or even just simply not achieving your goals list, failing is common to everyone. But failure shouldn’t be something to be worried about, as sometimes it can lead to even better results in the future.

We are conditioned to avoid failure at all costs from a young age, striving to achieve the highest possible results in school and university before trying to achieve a dream job. When entering the world of business and work, failure can be an even scarier word as it can mean the collapse of dreams and livelihoods.

It’s important to remember however that everyone fails at something, and sometimes something wonderful can emerge from the ashes of a failed attempt. Failing can often teach you how not to do something, allowing you to perfect it through multiple attempts. We’ve looked at some of the most famous examples of failures that turned out to be positive, spurring on success stories that will be talked about for years.

J. K. Rowling’s Famous Failure

In the 1990s, a young J.K. Rowling considered herself a failure ‘on an epic scale’. Her short marriage has ended, she had no job, was a single parent and lived in almost poverty. And yet today, she is a household name across the world, best known for the juggernaut of British pop culture, the Harry Potter book series.

That is because, despite considering her life to be a failure, she worked hard at her manuscript and experienced multiple rejections before her first book finally found a place with Bloomsbury Publishing. The rest of course, is history with the Harry Potter series becoming the bestselling book series in history and spanning into a multi-entertainment franchise across film, theatre and even amusement parks.

Henry Ford’s Failed Car Companies

Ford cars are a common sight around the United Kingdom and is a 114-year old American company. Founded by Henry Ford, it is one of the largest automakers in the world while Ford himself became famous for his mass production method.

But it was a hard road for Ford to create the company we know and recognise today with multiple failed attempts. His first company, the Detroit Automobile Company, dissolving in 1901 due to being unsuccessful. His second attempt formed the Henry Ford Company and after an outsider was brought in to supervise, Ford left this company with only the rights to his name. The company he left would become the Cadillac Motor Company.

In 1903, he formed the Ford Motor Company, finally finding success with his cars and becoming a beloved American brand. The Model T Ford became the first affordable car due to the assembly line production that allowed many cars to be built quickly, instead of the traditional hand crafting method.

Nintendo’s Failure That Spawned A Giant

Asked to think of a gaming company, and it’s likely that Nintendo will jump to prominence for many people. The Gameboy is one of the most successful gaming consoles in history, but a severe mistake in the 1990s could have catastrophically derailed the company.

In 1991, Nintendo was to announce a new CD-ROM drive add-on for their popular Super Nintendo, working with the technology company Sony. Their deal meant that Sony would also be able to produce a standalone machine that combined their CD machine and the SNES into one. Upon realising, Nintendo backtracked quickly and announced a deal with Philips, humiliating Sony.

As many of you reading this may be able to guess, Sony came back only three years later with a little gaming console called the PlayStation. Nintendo’s failure to follow through on their deal gave birth to the PlayStation franchise, with each console ranking in the top 10 consoles ever sold.

But despite this, Nintendo managed to re-invent itself multiple times to produce the hugely successful Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Switch, proving that just because you failed once doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Stephen King’s Rubbish Book

The king of horror very nearly didn’t have a career in writing at all if it wasn’t for his wife pushing him on. A poor English high school teacher, Stephen King was struggling to provide for his family and wrote short stories in his spare time that were submitted to publications, allowing them to survive.

He soon came up with the idea of a high school girl who had telekinetic powers and hoped to sell it as a short story. King wrote part of a first draft before becoming frustrated as he didn’t connect with it and it would be longer than Playboy would accept, resulting him throwing it away in the belief he’d failed.

His wife, Tabitha King, took the pages from the rubbish and told him that she liked what he’d written and wanted him to complete it. He finished the manuscript and sent it to a publication, earning $2,500. A few months later, a publishing company bought the rights to the book and within a year the novel had sold over a million paper copies before becoming a movie years later.

Since then? Stephen King has sold over 350 million books with his works being turned into successful film and television adaptations. The name of the novel he almost threw away? Carrie.

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