Reasons to Use a Café as Your Workplace

Using a Cafe as Your Workplace 11.05.18

For those that work from home or in an office, a working day with unlimited caffeine and croissants sounds inviting. Yet, despite the noise and bustle of the typical coffee shop, some of the most creative geniuses prefer to work there. This article lists the top reasons you should use a café as your workplace at least once.

  1. It’s a nice break from the office.

If you work in an office, staring at the same four walls can be unstimulating. In a café, you’re greeted with huge amounts of new inputs which can influence your creativity. Hearing snippets of conversations, admiring the poster on the wall, and watching the people walking by can give you a new perspective for a moment.

  1. Easy access to food and drinks.

Cappuccinos on tap and good quality food will definitely attract you to work from a café. Plus, being waited on by café staff means less distractions. Say “goodbye” to tearing yourself away to make that important drink or preparing your lunch. In a café, this is done for you with zero effort from yourself.

  1. Free Wi-Fi.

For those of you that work at home and don’t have access to Wi-Fi, your local coffee shop could be your saving grace. Plus, if the Wi-Fi decides to break, then it is the café’s responsibility to fix it, not yours.

  1. The right amount of background noise increases productivity.

Those that swap working in busy offices environments to working at home, may see it as a chance to escape noisy colleagues and constant distractions. However, working from home can have the complete opposite effect.

Being interrupted kills productivity. And, instead of being interrupted by colleagues, you’re now interrupted by your spouse, children, dog, and the fridge. However, working from a café can provide the right amount of background noise with the benefit of anonymity.

According to recent research, the right level of ambient noise you may find in a café, can increase productivity and increase performance. The study into background noise and productivity, which was featured in the Journal of Consumer Research, found that the ideal work environment entails a fair amount of background noise. The author of the study states that: “getting into a relatively noisy environment may trigger the brain to think abstractly, and thus generate creative ideas.”

Inspired by these findings, there are now websites and apps dedicated to providing consumers with the ambient noises you’d usually find in your local coffee shops. Apps such as Coffitivity and Ambient-Mixer present soundtracks that imitate the hustle and bustle of coffee shops, libraries, and public spaces to help boost creativity and productivity.

  1. You’re part of a community.

If you visit the same café again and again, you will establish trusting relationships with staff and other regulars, allowing you to share enthusiasm, feedback, and chocolate muffins.

Café Etiquette

Working from a café is perfectly acceptable, if you do it considerately and mindfully.

Those that work from coffee shops have seen themselves under the spotlight of scrutiny in recent years. According to a US study, ‘coffee shop conquerors’, can have a negative on coffee shops and society if they fail to follow simple café etiquette. The study found that the temptation of free Wi-Fi and no time restrictions can lead to territorial arguments amongst customers and falling sales, as people believe that a single cup of coffee buys a workstation for the entire day.

Practice your café etiquette by considering others- leave enough space for others, purchase regularly, and be polite to all customers and staff.

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