Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday 6.6.18

Boost your social, physical and mental health this Wellness Wednesday. In a pressurised world where sometimes self-care takes a back seat, take this time to consider your own personal health and wellness.

Health is different for everyone. For some people, being healthy means to ‘eat clean’ or visit the gym, while others believe in spiritual clarity through yoga or meditation. It’s rare that you will find someone who can master all social, physical and mental wellness in one day, so take your time. With so many activities and around 50 Wednesdays throughout the year, its completely up to you how frequently you celebrate it.

In the meantime, OPInfo have gathered some ideas to help you to live as healthily and happily as possible this #wellnesswednesday.

1.      Have a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep contributes positively to our physical and mental health. As well as improving brain function and memory, plenty of sleep can lower blood pressure which significantly decreases the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

However, without enough sleep, we may become more agitated. When our body is deprived of rest, it can react by producing increasing levels of stress hormones – something we don’t want to add to our already fast-paced lifestyles.

2.      Exercise in the morning

Without a doubt, exercise not only boosts our metabolic rate but releases ‘feel good’ endorphins, at any time of the day.

However, many of us prefer to exercise in the morning before our day begins, and for numerous reasons. It could be argued that one of the biggest benefits to exercising on a morning is that it gets our workout out of the way. Scientifically, morning workouts are also proven to result in overall increased energy levels throughout the day and burn more fat.

But, morning workouts don’t have to be boring and intense. This #wellnesswednesday, why not swap your morning gym session for a jog in the countryside? Or for those who are alien to exercise, why not walk to work or school instead?

3.      Think before you eat

A nutritious, balanced diet a perfect foundation to building good physical and mental health.

The nutrients we find in our foods help maintain our everyday bodily functions and prevent diseases. To ensure you have the right nutrients in your diet, you can cut out sugary and fatty snacks such as crisps and chocolate, and swap them for fruits and nuts. Not only will cutting bad foods from our diet reduce our chances of gaining weight, but it will help us to feel less fatigued.

By choosing our foods wisely this #wellnesswednesday, we can take the first step into improving the ways we eat in the long run.

4.      Meditation and mindfulness

Looking after yourself emotionally is just as important as looking after yourself physically. With so many of us facing stress and pressures in everyday life, a bit of ‘down time’ is vital for maintaining emotional wellbeing.

Meditation and mindfulness is free, powerful, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. The art of meditation helps us to eliminate anxiety and negative thoughts, by being completely present in the moment. Focusing on what is happening now instead of worrying about what could happen in the future, will help you to feel calmer and ready to face the day ahead.

5.      Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is found in our everyday cup of tea and coffee and is widely appreciated for its ability to make us feel more alert during our working day. The right amount of caffeine can help us to feel refreshed and focused, however too much can lead to anxiety, insomnia and irritability.

Caffeine is a stimulant drug that acts on the brain and nervous system. Symptoms of caffeine include; rises in body temperature, frequent urination, dehydration, increased heart rate, and restlessness.

By avoiding food and drinks with high caffeine content and gradually decreasing your caffeine intake, you can help your mind and body feel better in the long run.

6.      Take time to do something you enjoy

Nowadays, it’s all work and no play. In a hectic world where we place our working lives as the most important, we often put our personal lives on the back burner. Taking the time to engage in a hobby this #wellnesswednesday can help relieve stress and improve your social life.

Hobbies don’t always need to cost money. Cheap and free hobbies include drawing, photography, cooking, and walking.

7.      Reconnect with an old friend

Have you ever thought about seeing your old friend, but just not got around to doing it yet? This #wellnesswednesday, there’s a perfect reason to act upon it.

Friends in life serve as an important role in our development as individuals. They shape how we learn about relationships and the outside world, help us when we feel down, and fill our minds with positive memories. Reconnecting with an old friend will not only bring a hint of nostalgia but will strengthen the bonds that you have with them – making them friends for life.

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