Is Your Chair Ergonomically Friendly?

is your chair ergonomically friendly 8.6.18

Many of us office workers spend more time sitting on an office chair than any other chair in existence – often at least 8 hours a day. If there’s anything you can change to make spending these long hours in an office easier, it starts with your chair. Is your chair ergonomically friendly?

A well-constructed, comfortable and supportive chair is vital when you work in an office. Scientific evidence proves that sitting in a chair for long periods of time comes with many health problems, including cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal injuries. Many people who have worked in offices for long periods of time could develop back pain, simply by not sitting right and having bad posture.

Although it may seem like an unneeded expense, investing in chair ergonomics could positively influence your comfort, health and productivity. Here at OPInfo, we value the importance of office ergonomics. For #FeelgoodFriday, this article will list the essential products to make your chair more ergonomically friendly.

1. The Chair

Let’s start with the chair. In recent years, studies have shown that productivity levels go up by more than 17% when individuals work in an ergonomic environment with an adjustable chair.

The Cappela Agility High Back Mesh Posture Chair is a great example of a chair that provides adjustability to achieve the right posture and comfort. This posture chair features a tilt tension mechanism to adjust the height and angle of the seat and back, and a mesh backrest to provide full lumbar support.

2. Back Supports

For a cost-effective approach to office chair ergonomics, purchasing a separate lumbar support for your existing chair can be just as effective.

The Contour Ergonomics Adjustable Lumbar Support provides adaptable and comfortable support for the lumbar spine and fits to any chair. Featuring an internal adjustable lumbar support mechanism, you can expand the lumbar support by up to 35mm by simply adjusting the knob.

For a back support that caters to the whole back and moulds to your natural body contours, the Fellow Office Suites Mesh Back Support can be the answer. To alleviate aches and strains and reduce tension, this back support provides uniform support across your entire back and is specially designed for prolonged sitting.

3. Footrests

Finally, for the right posture, your feet should ideally be placed flat on the floor. For increased comfort, you could invest in a high-quality footrest that will compliment your ergonomic chair.

The Contour Ergonomics Professional Footrest is ideal at assisting your chair with reducing muscle strain and fatigue during long periods of sitting and features an adjustable function. By placing your feet flat on a footrest, you are naturally aligning and straightening your spine into the correct posture, reducing the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

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