Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Bring your dog to work day 22.6.18

Bringing your dog to work with you might seem like the best thing ever. Well, today you can. The nationwide Bring Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated on 22nd June this year, which is a great excuse to have your furry companion at work with you whilst raising money for charity.

What is #BringYourDogToWorkDay?

The annual event is publicised and supported by numerous UK media outlets including ITV’s This Morning and Loose Women, who pride its ability to raise money for the welfare of dogs. This year is the fifth year running and will be organised by the ethical dog grooming company HOWND®.

All proceeds of 2018’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day will be donated to the dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter, which successfully provides hundreds of dogs a year with their furever homes. This #FeelGoodFriday, why not join in and bring your four-legged friend to work with you?

Why Should You Take Part?

As well as giving something back to dogs in need, bringing your dog to work can also provide a day of fun, productivity, and positive mental well-being.

‘Pet Therapy’ is a concept that even scientists back up. In 2012, US research discovered that dogs at work can reduce employee stress levels and make work more fun, which boosts overall work morale. The research was conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, who compared stress levels of offices with dogs to offices without them over the course of a week. Findings concluded that the difference in stress levels was significant, with offices with dogs having more decreased levels of stress throughout the course of the working day than those without.

UK Workers Spend Hundreds on Office Pets

Surprisingly, many UK workers are no stranger to bringing their dogs to work with them. According to recent research, British pet owners spend an average of £143 a year on furnishing and decorating spaces in the office to accommodate their canine buddies. This finding came after a related report revealed that Brits spend a total of £1,150 on pets each year.

As outlined by the research, luxury pet beds for the office come out on top for most money spent on pet items. The study also unveiled that pet owners even spend money on work uniforms, to make sure their pets really look the part. But, you don’t have to spend hundreds to make your pet comfy at work. A simple dog bed or large pillow will do.

Sadly, not all workplaces allow real dogs at work, but you can still take part by bringing in your favourite doggie teddy.

If you’re one of those workers that already bring their dog to work with them, you can still join in by raising money for charity. For just one day, you could ask your employer and colleagues to sponsor you – every little bit helps!


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