EVO Group Beach Clean with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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On Friday, EVO Group teamed up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to combat plastic waste by taking part in a beach clean.

The charity beach clean was held at South Landing Beach in Flamborough, East Yorkshire, and was led by the very knowledgeable Ana from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Six members of staff from EVO Group were kind enough to volunteer for the activity to raise awareness of beach pollution and to protect the natural habitats of Yorkshire’s wildlife.

Home to the YWT’s Living Seas Centre, the area around South Landing Beach is a designated nature reserve where you can find a wealth of information about Yorkshire’s most fascinating marine and coastal wildlife. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust do a fantastic job at advocating for the conservation of seas and coastlines.

Although the beach at South Landing looked to be in pristine condition at first glance, upon closer inspection, the cracks began to appear. Here’s what the team found…

Every Spec of Plastic Ever Made Still Exists

The beach clean began with a 100-metre scan of the beach front, where every piece of litter found was recorded. From the findings, the team were able to identify which types of litter were most likely to be washed up on the beach, and by reading the expiry date found on plastic packaging, how long the litter had been in existence.

Ana explained that in previous beach cleans, food wrappers dating back to the 1980s have been found, and that plastic takes more than 400 years to degrade – meaning every piece of plastic ever made still exists today!

Plastic waste is a growing nightmare for humans, animals and the environment. The vast majority of the world’s littered plastic ends up in seas and is washed up on beaches similar to ones like South Landing. This year, an estimated 8 billion kilos of plastic will be dumped into the world’s rivers, seas, walkways and waterways posing extreme risks to coastal and marine wildlife.

By the end of the beach clean, items such as plastic wrappers, plastic rope, fishing lines, and even a disposable barbeque had filled two bin liners to the brim. Larger unobtainable items such as fishing nets and lobster cages were among the waste but were often trapped deep under the rocks. The team did manage to uncover one lobster cage though, which was taken home as a souvenir for the garden!

Check out photos from the day here:

EVO Group’s Corporate Responsibility

As part of EVO Group’s corporate responsibility policy, staff members are entitled to take one day off work a year to volunteer for a charity of their choice.

Nikola Simpson, Group Ecommerce Manager who also took part in the beach clean, says:

 “It’s fantastic that we have company support to take part in charity days such as this, the war on plastic and marine conservation is highly publicised at present and being able to help in some small way has been fabulous. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust do some amazing work and Ana, our guide, has made our day extremely informative and fun.”


This #WellnessWednesday, why not contribute to positive change by helping reduce global plastic pollution in your area? Even the smallest steps can make the biggest difference. You can take part in your own beach clean or challenge yourself to #Take3fortheSea, by taking 3 pieces of rubbish with you whenever you leave the beach.

Together, we can reduce plastic waste.

You can find out more about the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, their work and how you can get involved on their website, https://www.ywt.org.uk

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