How to Stay Organised in Your Office


It’s a common phrase to hear that a ‘tidy desk means a tidy mind’ and organisation is certainly key when it comes to tackling day-to-day work tasks in the workplace. Here’s a list of top tips to staying organised whilst in the office.

Out with the Old

If you’ve had a rifle through your desk drawer or cupboard recently, you’ll probably have come across all sorts of miscellaneous bits and pieces. When you start to see it pile up, then it’s time to have a good old fashioned declutter! Start by sorting things into a ‘toss’, ‘store’ and ‘to-do’ pile so that you can distinguish the rubbish from the essential. Scrap pieces of paper, old post-it notes and broken staples can stack up over time, so make sure to throw those away. Old reports and other important documents should obviously be stored away and for current tasks, make sure you have a designated space to have them at hand.

In with the New

Just come back from a meeting with a list full of memo notes? Or rushed to print out some important paperwork? Resist that urge to let it stack up at the side of your desk and instead invest in some storage solutions. Folders, files and larger items can be easily kept inside a large storage box. Likewise, any smaller items that aren’t vital to have at arms reach can be neatly tucked away in a labeled container. If you are struggling to figure out where you can keep certain items or supplies, don’t be afraid to ask a colleague or your manager for some guidance.

Keep your Desk Clean

With the amount of time we spend at our desks, we don’t sometimes notice the amount of dust, food crumbs and dirt that sometimes has a habit of building up. To make sure you’re always focused on the task at hands, organise a few minutes each day or throughout the week to clean your desk. Use some specialist cleaning supplies like an air duster to get to those hard to reach pieces of food in your keyboard. And to keep your desk looking spotless and gleaming? Then you should use some wet wipes and other common cleaning products to keep your workspace free from grime.

Technology is your Friend

Writing down important notes, schedules and meeting times is all well and good, but why not make things a little easier for yourself by adding it all to your email calendar? Depending on what email system you use, you’ll probably be able to find a yearly calendar and a tasks list inside it. A bonus of using this is that you can set up to receive instant alerts on when a deadline is approaching or when your next meeting is due.

Remember that the OPInfo website has a great range of Desk and Drawer Tidies for when you need to keep your workspace tidy and organised.

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