5 People You Need to Know at Work

People You Need To Know At Work

Whether it’s the first day of a new job or if you’ve been at your company a while, there are a few people within the workplace you should make a habit of getting to know better. Here is our list of the top five people you need to know at work.

1)   Your HR Team/HR Company Representative

Whilst it’s the main responsibility of your employer to ensure that your experience at work is a positive one, there are ways you can ensure things keep ticking over for yourself exclusively too. Start by getting to know your HR Team, understanding where they are located, who oversees your company’s HR policies etc. Should you have any unfortunate grievances against a fellow colleague or have any personal issues that mean you require company guidance, a call or trip to your HR department should be your priority. Remember, HR stands for Human Resources, so never be afraid in getting to know those whose sole priority is to look after you and your team.

2)   Your IT Department

It’s well known that some consider the IT Department in their business to sometimes be an annoyance rather than a source of help. However, as every modern workplace will now use complex systems and advanced computer infrastructures, it’s important to communicate with those in charge of managing them. Being on an amicable level with those in the IT Department will put you on a good foot when it comes to resolving technical issues and technology scares, an all too common occurrence in the office. It might just help you appreciate their heavy workload and dedicated work ethic too.

3)   Your Receptionist/Reception Team

It comes as no secret that the Receptionist role within a business can sometimes be overlooked and underappreciated. Which is a shock when you come to realise that they are your main source of information. Whether it’s knowing where to deliver your post or informing the company in the case of emergencies, your Receptionist is someone it really pays off to know. The other advantage they provide? A welcoming face to greet you in the mornings before you start your shift and a friendly face to wish you well on your journey home when your shift ends.

4)   Your Colleagues

You may not think that having a good understanding of your colleagues is necessary in your role. You may also not be interested in having strong friendships with those that work around you. However, if you want to remain at your most productive and positive, then getting to know your colleagues is a lot more important than you may think. The different blend of personalities might be off-putting at first but establishing how their roles impact yours can help you understand your company’s culture much better. Additionally, your colleagues can be there when you might need it most, either personally or professionally, so you should always make the effort with them where possible.

5)   Your Manager

Your Manager. They are usually seen as the voice of authority, the person solely responsible for making sure you stay on top of your workload. But a good Manager provides much more than that, which makes them one of the most important people you should get to know from our list of people you need to know at work. Whilst their job description does include ensuring you are doing what you should be whilst in the office, good Managers are one of the best sources of encouragement. If you are struggling with a project, task or have a general issue related to the workplace, your Manager is the first person to turn to, even before the HR department. Ideally, you should think of them less as a Manager and more of a mentor.

In fact, examining this further, a survey taken from the Harvard Business Review reveals that 58% of workers say that they would trust a stranger more than their own boss. This surprising statistic helps to stress the importance of developing trust and faith in not only managers, but the other departments in your company too.

Because understanding the people you need to know at work, can help guide your career down the right path and help you achieve more than you probably ever imagined.

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