Quality Coffee King of Most Important Workplace Feature

Quality Coffee

Has the standard of coffee provided by a workplace become the new king of most important features? According to a new study, it might just be the case.

Coworking developer Areaworks recently carried out a survey on what workers consider their ideal items of choice in their working environment. The feature topping the list, quality coffee was selected by two thirds of workers. Areaworks’ survey indicates that quality coffee and access to kitchen facilities, are considered essential for a productive and engaged workforce.

Quality Coffee and Other Dream Office Items

In addition to quality coffee being crowned as king of most important workplace features for many, other interesting notes to take from the survey were:

  • 64% preferred the option to work closer to the outdoors by working from a balcony or a roof terrace.
  • 50% of workers would prefer to ditch fixed desks for more casual seating and hot desking (e.g. bean bags, sofas and hanging chairs).
  • 66% of those asked would like a fridge filled with beer and prosecco to be included as part of a workplace’s facilities.

The full chart listing created from the survey was revealed as:

  1. Kitchen facilities (e.g. a coffee machine, beer fridge)
  2. Outside spaces (e.g. roof terraces, balconies)
  3. Casual seating (e.g. bean bags, sofas and hanging chairs)
  4. Plants
  5. Games/Activities (e.g. table tennis, table football, pool tables)
  6. Water features
  7. Pets
  8. Sleeping pods/areas
  9. Hammocks
  10. A slide

Designing the Ultimate Space

Speaking more on the findings, Panny Lawrence, the Founder and Director of Areaworks, gave her thoughts on designing the ultimate work space. “It’s intriguing to see what makes the dream workspace for the nation’s office workers, and what is top of the list when it comes to furnishing and designing the ultimate space.”

“Traditional attitudes to what should be in a workplace are fast changing, as twice as many millennials would like office games such as table tennis and table football than their older counterparts.”

Lawrence then added her summary of how the additions to the workplace are beneficial for both employers and workers. “Happy and relaxed workers are likely to have increased productivity and motivation, as well as making more money and generally enjoying their work.”

Do you think additions like those mentioned in the workplace would make the workforce more productive? Or do you consider them to be too much of an unnecessary gimmick and ultimately, a distraction?

Let us know in the comments below.

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