Would You Take Furturnity Leave?

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It’s known that employers will authorise maternity and paternity leave once workers become parents. But could a wacky scheme from a marketing firm in Minneapolis introduce ‘Furturnity Leave’ to the workplace?

A recent story published in the New York Times features an unusual solution presented by Minneapolis marketing firm Nina Hale to aid workers becoming new parents of pets. The practice, referred to as ‘furturnity leave’, is part of a new staff benefit package the company is rolling out to employees. Amongst a higher allowance for commuting costs and a new insurance package, Nina Hale are allowing their workers to spend a week working at home when introducing a new pet into the family.

Reciprocating Employee Dedication

Allison McMenimen, one of the Vice Presidents at Nina Hale, explains that a ‘furturnity’ policy is just one way that the company is showing their appreciation for their workers. “We realised that we had received these requests a couple of times, and we thought, for so many of our hardworking, dedicated employees, there’s an opportunity for us to reciprocate their dedication and give them additional flexibility when they’re making a major life change. And in this case, instead of a human baby, it’s a fur baby.”

The Inspiration Behind ‘Furturnity’ Leave

According to McMenimen, the inspiration for a new ‘furturnity’ policy came from a recent employee request. Connor McCarthy, a Senior Accounts Manager at the firm, originally asked the company if they would allow him to work from home whilst helping his new puppy adjust. According to McCarthy, the policy provided huge help when Bentley, his Goldendoodle arrived. “I think it was great. Within a couple of weeks, he was potty trained. I was able to help out with that.”

Nina Hale’s unorthodox new policy has gone down a hit on both the internet and within workplaces around the world after gaining coverage in the New York Times, Associated Press and Fortune. Only time will tell however if this policy will become a regular occurrence in employee benefit schemes.

Would you take ‘furturnity’ leave to take better care of a new pet arrival?

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