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It’s been almost 7 months since GDPR was brought into the workplace. But if you’re struggling to understand the shredder security levels required to meet these regulations, here’s a guide to help explain.

When deciding to purchase a paper shredder for office or workplace use, GDPR makes it even more vital to think carefully about several different factors. You will need to consider the machine’s overall shredding capacity, along with the security level the shredder is able to achieve. These shredder security levels rate from P-1 to P-7. To keep your customers data safe and avoid paying fines and legal damages, it’s become more important then ever to pick the right shredder to meet GDPR laws. Below are the different levels of security for shredders currently.

P-1 Shredder Security

This is considered to be the most basic of the shredder security levels. As a result, it won’t currently meet GDPR recommended standards, but can be used in the home. This level is often found on strip-cut shredder machines and will produce shredded paper from anything equal to or less than 1/4” (6 millimetres) in width, with an undetermined overall length.

P-2 Shredder Security

P-2 shredder security is most likely to feature on both strip-cut and cross-cut shredders. They tend to offer more security than the previous security level but are still not advised as being GDPR compliant. Their use is again best suited for in the home, to dispose of personal information and more private mail you may receive. The shredded particles that P-2 security machines can produce are likely to be equal to or less than 4 millimetres or equal to or less than 80 millimetres. However, the total shred area is unlikely to exceed a total of 320 square millimeters.

P-3 & P-4 Shredder Security

Both of these levels of shredder security are the minimum suitable for meeting GDPR shredding requirements. These are best put to use when attempting to destroy and dispose of confidential business documents and personal customer data. For strip-cut shredders, P-3 is the peak of the security they can achieve. However, for cross-cut machines, they can extend to security levels of P-5, P-6 and P-7. P-3 security shredders can produce a particle width equal to or less than 4 millimeters, which can also extend to a width equal to or less than 80 millimeters. P-4 security features a lower maximum particle width of 40 millimeters, with the total shred area unable to exceed a total of 160 square millimeters.

P-5, P-6 and P-7 Shredder Security

For greater security and destruction of classified levels of paper data, P-5, P-6 and P-7 certified shredders are usually put to use. P-5 is regarded as the European standard of higher security for shredding documents, with P-6 and P-7 featuring enhanced features to make them meet the requirements of security agencies, government organizations and even the military. Due to the need to make papers untraceable and unreadable within these businesses and associations, P-6 and P-5 create incredibly small total shred areas of between 10 and 5 millimeters.

Shredder Security Levels

Purchasing a GDPR Compliant Shredder

The OPInfo website contains a wide selection of Shredders and Shredding Supplies able to meet the demands of a GDPR compliant workplace. Featuring brands trusted for their knowledge in security such as Fellowes, Rexel and Q-Connect, you can be sure you’ll be purchasing a shredder for your office or home that is more than up for any paper disposal and destruction task at hand.

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