Choosing an Appropriate Costume for Halloween at Work

Choosing an Appropriate Costume for Halloween at Work

For most businesses, Halloween brings out the fun side of employees with the encouragement to spend the day wearing a Halloween costume. Here’s how to ensure your costume stays fun and professional.

Many might find the idea of dressing up in a Halloween costume for the day exciting. Others might find it tedious and stressful. If your place of work embraces Halloween as a yearly event, it’s important to ensure you can strike a balance between being lively and fun but remaining professional and sensible. Above all else, if you choose to dress up, you should bear the following things in mind.

Consult Your Manager on Halloween Fancy Dress Code

If it is your first year at a new company, then this point is even more important to consider. Different workplaces will have different rules on what constitutes appropriate fancy dress. Checking this ahead of time with management can save you from potential embarrassment or a disciplinary on the day. It can also be beneficial in determining how many or if any of your colleagues are likely to embrace dressing up.

Check Your Calendar Before Committing to a Costume

Once you’ve established the code for fancy dress in the workplace, it should be your next priority to check your calendar. If you will be involved in a huge meeting or client visit, it may not be the best idea to wear a costume altogether. Still want to get into the spirit of things? Then think about smaller changes you could make to your appearance instead.

It’s also a good idea to bring a change of work clothes with you on the day too. It could be the case that your workplace receives a surprise visit. Always be prepared to ditch your costume if this or something similar should happen.

Opt for a Sensible Costume

Whilst there might be no ruling against wearing strange shaped or bulky costumes, it’s probably best to avoid these types of outfits. The golden rule is if a costume interferes with your job, then it’s not appropriate for the workplace. For costumes featuring weapon props and things of a similar nature, make sure these are left at home. In the workplace environment, these will only be a cause of tension and potential conflict so avoid bringing them in.

It’s vital that you remain sensitive to your colleagues too. Any inside joke themed costumes or politically themed costumes are fancy dress faux pas. Avoid offending or being insensitive towards co-workers by leaving these types of outfits on the shop shelf. Any outfits containing crude humour, foul language or are intimating to other employees are also not acceptable for the workplace.

Managers – Don’t Force Fancy Dress

Depending on how you feel towards Halloween, you may be disappointed if a co-worker or a group of co-workers don’t join in. It’s important to remember that fancy dress is not a required task whilst at work. This means that others shouldn’t be looked down upon if they don’t opt into it.

Reasons for avoiding fancy dress at times like Halloween may be a simple dislike for the holiday or can be a little more complex. Bear in mind that Halloween is also a holiday that your workers might not celebrate due to personal or religious reasons, so don’t attempt to force fancy dress upon them or the wider workforce when seasonal events arrive.

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