Kyocera – Celebrating 27 Years of Sustainability

Kyocera 27 Years of Sustainability

Kyocera are celebrating the 27th anniversary of their Environmental Charter this year which has helped push consumers and the company towards greater sustainability.

The charter, first created in 1991, promotes the ideology behind the concept of ‘Coexistence’, something which the company strives to constantly achieve. With their motto to ‘do the right thing as a human being’, Kyocera have regularly adhered to several policies and philosophies within their Charter to help both the organization and consumers attain a sustainable approach when it comes to printing and the production of their products.

Current Kyocera Sustainability Initiatives

As one of their main sustainability initiatives introduced over the years, Kyocera have heavily promoted better care of the environment and the planet. The creation of their ECOSYS range has continued to drive their environmental message home, along with the production of several other eco-sustainable product ranges too.

Kyocera have continued to stress their belief in that a sustainable approach doesn’t end at the moment of consumption. One driving force in better sustainability being achieved by the industry giant is their ‘Toner Take Back’ service. The service is quoted to recycle over 600,000 Kilograms of used Toner Cartridges each year. Due to the success of the scheme, the organization are actively investing in the production of more simplified Toner Cartridges, both able to consume less energy and require fewer working components.

‘Sustainability Not Just A Mere Buzz Word’

Speaking more on how Kyocera pride themselves on their sustainability achievements, President of Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, Takuya Marubayashi expresses:

“At Kyocera, ensuring that all of our activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly is a real commitment, as well as an essential business practice. Sustainability is not just a mere buzz word for Kyocera, it is a way of living. All of our employees embrace that approach and, from our experience, so do our partners, dealers and customers. It is part of what sets us apart as an organization and as a family.”

Attainment of ISO 14001: 2015 Certification

Further demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability was their attainment of ISO 14001: 2015 certification in October. The certification has helped to emphasize Kyocera’s commitment to following an eco-friendly and environmentally sound approach when it comes to its products, company values and extended services.

By 2020, Kyocera are hoping to further utilise their solar power generation systems. The company predict that it will allow them to generate a reduction of carbon three times greater than their current carbon footprint across their global operations.

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