Happy New Year! Our 2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights

Happy New Year from everyone at OPInfo Blog! Last year was full of fascinating stories and interesting insights, so here are a few of our 2018 highlights!

To kick off the New Year, we thought we’d take one final look back at 2018, including some of our more popular articles and topical pieces. Why not take a look at our 2018 highlights below as we usher in another exciting year of articles and content direct from the office and workplace world in 2019!

Our 2018 Highlights

Happiness in the Workplace

We began the start of the year on a happy note with a special look at the International Day of Happiness. This event has been celebrated globally since 2013 and has the backing of the United Nations too! The day itself is a celebration of all things happy and positive and encourages all to recognize the importance of happiness in theirs and others lives.

But how does this relate to the workplace? Well our article also contained a few tips on how employers and business can help to encourage happiness amongst their workforce and even contains some statistics on what country ranks as the happiest in the world according to The World Happiness Report 2018.

Find out the results of this study by taking a look at this article below.

The War on Waste

2018 marked another important year in raising the awareness of improper waste disposal and the effect certain materials are having on the environment around us. Which is why one of our most popular articles in May discussed some of the key changes that businesses were being to introduce in order to begin the war on waste.

Initiatives such as the phasing out of plastic straws and an overall reduction on harmful materials to the environment have become an active talking point. Our article on the war on waste also provides some key advice on how workplaces can help in the reduction of waste and how employers can help better promote an eco-friendly culture within organizations.

Learn more about how you can help contribute in the war against waste in our article here.

Inbox Zero

If you’ve never come across the term ‘Inbox Zero’, then it’s certainly worth having a read of our highly viewed article from August last year. Particularly relevant when it comes to returning from a short or long break from work, we list four main ways you can cut down your time spent checking through and responding to emails.

For those who spend a lot of time checking their email inbox inside and outside of working hours, achieving ‘Inbox Zero’ could be the perfect way to start the brand-new year, whilst helping you prioritize other important tasks that could occur throughout 2019.

Ready to go ‘Inbox Zero’? Then make sure to look through our article below.

Out of Office

To cap of a thrilling 2018, we took a closer look at some shocking, unusual and hilarious out of office replies. For our article, we had to narrow it down to just three of our favourites, but there were plenty to choose from. Ranging from the funny, outrageous to the downright bizarre, these responses for annual absence certainly couldn’t be faulted for not being inventive!

Amongst the humour, we did provide a few pointers on creating more professional out of office replies though, as setting an out of office reply can sometimes be someone’s first real impression of your professionalism and etiquette.

Have a quick chuckle over these pre-set out of office replies below (but try not to make the same mistakes!)


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