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With National Stationery Week well underway, today’s theme of Take a Note gives us a great opportunity to provide you with some key benefits from taking notes at work or at home!

It’s easy for us to be tempted into taking digital shortcuts when we look to keep a track of notes from meetings, presentations and when creating task lists.

But while this might be the quickest way to start getting organised in the office, it’s not necessarily the most effective.

Here’s why it’s important to keep taking notes with a trusty pen.

The Benefits of Taking Notes

It Keeps Your Schedule on Track

It’s easy within the workplace or even whilst sat at home to feel bombarded and weighed down by incoming emails, calendar updates in your email browser, text messages and even phone calls.

All these things can have a habit of knocking us off track when it comes to having a clear and concise plan in mind.

Therefore, breaking away from addressing all these types of occurrences and to start taking notes is a great way to put your plans and ideas back on track.

Having a list of written notes to look at means you have a set plan for the work day and can adjust accordingly if urgent tasks or matters crop up when you least expect them.

It Creates Great Material for Future Referencing

Another great benefit is that by taking notes using pen and paper, you end up creating some helpful and insightful future material for referencing back to at a later date.

Jotting down important notes from meetings or bullet pointing key points discussed at conferences means that you will always have something to look back on when it comes around to needing to deliver your own presentation or conference speech.

Creating notes and saving them on a computer or digital device is fine, but because it isn’t a physical copy unless you print it, digital notes can always get mistakenly deleted or misplaced, putting all your promising thoughts and ideas at risk of being lost and soon forgotten.

It Strengthens Your Professionalism

While we’re not saying that you look any less professional taking notes on a laptop, computer or digital tablet, taking them by hand does still provide a slight edge when it comes to how your colleagues or manager might perceive your professionalism.

Taking notes in a more traditional manner is likely to indicate that you possess key character traits such as patience, determination and attention to detail and gives the impression that you are fully attentive during learning processes.

Furthermore, it showcases your overall efficiency, as ensuring to write down the right notes demonstrates you aren’t likely to let the important details fall through the cracks.

It Helps to Improve the Quality of Your Work

Regularly taking notes for whatever reason or cause, is more likely to help you to improve upon any work you undertake.

This is because you are likely to go back and revisit your notes based on new things you might have learnt or been taught.

And when going back to view these notes, it’s highly likely you’ll make changes as to how they are worded or will add more detail to them to make them easier to understand.

With this, you are constantly able to improve on what you had written down before, which means the overall quality and standards of work created from your notes and jottings will improve too.

It Can Relieve Stress

Whilst workplace wellbeing has become a huge talking point in the past few years, you may not have perhaps considered how taking notes with a pen and paper can help to relieve stress.

When writing things down, you are focusing entirely on the task at hand, which in turn engages the part of our brain that is responsible for creativity.

Taking notes away from screens and phones provides a greater sense of focus and concentration.

Next time you begin to experience a stressful day at work or at home, pull out your favourite pen and notebook or message pad and start taking some notes.

You might be surprised at just how calming and reassuring it can be.

Why do you enjoy taking notes and what benefits do you feel it provides you with?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us on our Twitter account @OpInfoBlog – we’d love to hear from you!

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