50 Years of Trusted Technology with Verbatim

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2019 marks 50 years of trusted technology created by the long-standing electronics and technology manufacturer Verbatim.

Just as with many other leading electronics brands, you’d be hard pressed not to come across a product produced by Verbatim, whether it’s in the home or in the workplace.

Verbatim has become a globally recognised brand and manufacturer, with many of their products being sold in over 120 countries.

With an ever-expanding range of electronics products and exciting new innovations, Verbatim have provided 50 years of trusted technology with a product portfolio spanning from:

  • Optical Storage Media
  • Memory Cards
  • USB Drives
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • 3D Printing Filaments

Verbatim as Data Storage Pioneers

Perhaps known best for their advancements and continued developments in data storage, Verbatim has been a pioneer in data storage technology since their foundation in 1969.

Dig deeper into the origin of their name and you’ll understand exactly how Verbatim has been able to provide 50 years of trusted technology.

Verbatim translated from Latin means ‘word for word’ and follows the accurate and error free principles the company always strived to achieve.

When it comes to data storage products, Verbatim presents an extensive range including Floppy Disks, Magneto-Optical Storage solutions, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Flash Memory Cards, USB Drives, External Hard Drives and more.

Over the years, Verbatim have continued to support their trusted products with an assortment of computer accessories that follow the same high standards of quality, compatibility and reliability – proving that the company is no one-trick pony when it comes to reliable every-day technology products.

Exploring Other Industries

Not content with their technological progress in data storage, Verbatim has also set their sights on two other industries to expand into – LED Lighting and 3D Printing.

With the help of group partner company Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim now holds a significant presence in the LED Lighting market, where the company has gone onto develop an assortment of lamps and luminaries for public spaces and for domestic use.

Likewise, Verbatim have made an impact on the 3D Printing market, having been selling 3D printing filaments for industry and commercial use since 2014.

Utilising the strength of quality and research and development facilities that Mitsubishi Chemical has to offer, the company has a future aim of becoming a leading and long-term worldwide materials supplier in a category that is growing in popularity by the day.

How Verbatim Has Delivered 50 Years of Trusted Technology

Providing his thoughts in a recent press release on the 50 year anniversary of Verbatim, President of Verbatim EUMEA, Clive Alberts, comments:

“Customers primarily want reliability, but they also require data safety.

We are addressing these wishes through meticulous development work combined with the best components and precision production processes.

This focus is reflected through our slogan ‘Technology you can trust’, and the fact that we deliver what we promise – just as we have done over the past five decades.”

Alberts adds:

“We look back with pride because we have always been at the forefront of the storage market with our innovations, and this is something we will continue to do in the future, while also strengthening particular focus areas for the company such as secure encrypted data storage products and high quality computer accessories.

We also have a great opportunity accessing and marketing unique technologies developed by our parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical, such as materials for 3D printing, and will seek to continue growing significantly in these important categories over the coming years.”

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