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Organic September takes place this month and aims to encourage the public to try organic products and learn more about organic food and farming practices. Will you be getting involved?

As we hear more and more about some of the occurring effects of climate change and are being encouraged to eat healthier, the Soil Association have created Organic September, a month-long campaign to educate and encourage the public to consider organic produce and items.

Regarded as one of the biggest campaigns in the UK for organic products and organic farming, those involved with Organic September say that by switching to organic, it benefits nature, wildlife, our planet and helps to further build healthier soils and plantations.

Some Key Facts about Organic

To help spread the word and raise awareness for this event, the official Soil Association website breaks down a few key facts relating to organic, aiming to dispel some common myths that often surround it much like:

Organic can’t feed the world
Organic is unnecessarily expensive
The benefits of organic are unscientifically proven
Organic isn’t as good for the environment as going vegan

Not only do the Soil Association go on to explain why these common misconceptions untrue, but also go on to detail the main benefits of choosing organic produce and organic materials such as:

The production of fewer pesticides – Almost 300 pesticides can be routinely used for non-organic farming and are often present in non-organic food.

Addition of no artificial colours and preservatives – Organic standards mean that the use of hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial food colouring and preservatives are completely banned.

Always free range – Organic means the very highest standards of animal welfare without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers.

Better for wildlife – Organic farms are havens for wildlife and help to provide homes to bees, birds and butterflies.

Better for the planet – No system of farming does more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and protect natural resources.

Who Is Already Getting Involved with Organic September?

Whilst most organic farms and manufacturers are helping spread the positive word of organic all year round, brands like Pukka Herbs and Cafédirect are getting directly involved with Organic September through the use of promotional videos, blog articles and other media based initiatives.

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs have been helping to provide an insight into the value of sustainable resources with a set of videos highlighting some ‘Organic Heroes’ within local communities.

As their website states, the campaign is helping “celebrate the inspiring everyday people who are doing their bit by choosing organic” and features people involved with all aspects of organic produce and farming, including school cooks, gardeners, allotment owners and florists.


Cafédirect, whose full coffees and teas range is created organically from the moment it is picked from fields and plantations across the world, is marking Organic September this year with a detailed insight on what makes their organic coffees and teas taste so different.

A page from their website also explains how the company invests 50% of its profits into a grower-led charity, Producers Direct, in order to deliver further impact for the growth of coffee beans and tea in organic environments.

The initiative also provides training and support for youth groups and female farmers, ensuring that organic processes are able to be continuously followed for years to come.

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