5 Key Benefits of Coffee Machines at Work

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Does your business own or lease a coffee machine for employees? If not, you could be missing out on some of the key benefits of coffee machines at work.

Often regarded to be a luxury item rather than an essential one, there’s a valid argument that any business should own or be renting at least one coffee machine.

With the startling statistic that Brits will drink almost 95 million cups of coffee each day, having a coffee machine accessible to employees is not only beneficial to them, but will also have a positive effect on the day-to-day operations of your company too.

Take a look at these 5 key benefits of coffee machines at work.

Key Benefits of Coffee Machines at Work

1. Coffee Keeps Employees Happy and Healthy

It’s been recently proven that younger aged candidates and employees are more likely to want to work for a company who has access to modern perks, such as quality coffee and break-out areas, over companies who don’t have these perks but offer a higher rate of pay.

This in turn means that to stay with the times and current workplace culture trends, your business needs to have a focus in providing a social environment along with a workplace one.

Installing coffee machines at work in ‘chill-out’ areas and more casual spots for employees to take advantage of in the office will help provide them with a greater sense of worth and will help keep them in a positive mindset.

Likewise, one of the more unknown benefits of coffee machines at work is associated with employee health and wellbeing.

Many of the antioxidants found in a cup of coffee can help to reduce inflammation and lessens the chances of health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes from occurring.

When consumed in moderation, coffee also contains properties which can increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, improve our mood, enhance our memory and assist cognitive functions.

2. It Can Improve Productivity

As we just mentioned, the compounds of coffee mean it becomes a stimulant when consumed which helps us to fight off sluggishness and stay alert throughout the day.

With many businesses still operating 9 – 5 work shifts and some even opting for night and early morning shifts for workers, it can become difficult for employees to work at their best through certain hours of the day.

Having a coffee machine at work will allow them to be able to take regular breaks during times of the day they are experiencing the most fatigue and gain that all important energy boost to get them through the rest of their shift.

This is turn, improves productivity across the board, along with keeping concentration levels high, negating the potential for wasted work hours or a lethargic approach of working by employees.

3. Coffee Breaks Encourage Networking Amongst Colleagues

Returning to the social element of a workplace, having a coffee machine at work opens up the avenue for employees to network with the rest of their team or even other departments.

Building on this, placing a coffee machine within a dedicated communal or ‘break out area’ provides an open space for staff and workers to meet and briefly mingle at certain points of the work day, alleviating the potential for employees to experience burnout from not taking required short breaks in the day.

Having somewhere to mingle and chat to colleagues over a cup of coffee can also be a great reliever of stress in the workplace too, helping employees to both retain focus when they return to their desk and even formulate better and more creative ideas.

4. High Quality Coffee on Demand Can Reduce Employee Expenditure

With the current economic conditions causing some to be concerned about their finances and personal expenditure, giving employees the opportunity to pour high quality coffee from a coffee machine at work provides them with one less worry about paying out for an expensive hot drink for their morning commute.

Whilst this is more of a benefit for employees, the monetary savings that can be made from having coffee available as soon as a worker arrives at the office are likely to be greatly appreciated and could make them see your business in a more favorable light, endorsing their loyalty and commitment to your business goals.

One concern that may arise with this is the difference in quality in coffee between coffee machines at work and other high-end coffee shops.

However as the years have advanced, so has the technology and capabilities of coffee machines.

For employees on the fussier side, it’s now easier than ever to pick up a coffee machine for the workplace that can recreate a plethora of coffee types, with a taste similar or even superior to leading coffee household names.

5. It’s the Greener Approach

Whilst we’ve mentioned that purchasing coffee outside of the workplace can take a toll on our bank accounts, it’s even more alarming as to the impact it’s having on the environment too.

It’s reported that nearly 7 million coffee cups are disposed of in the UK every day, with the majority of these not recycled or disposed of in a sustainable manner.

Employees are also becoming more aware of the effect our daily actions such as this are having on the world we live in, which is why having coffee machines at work is now the more greener approach.

Setting the bar in terms of discouraging single-use cups that tea and coffee retailers are still likely to offer presents a positive image of your business doing its part to protect the environment, with a commitment to this and other green practices likely to impress customers and clients too in the long run.

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