New COMPLY Attachment Produced by 3M for Privacy Filters

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In a renewed push for greater GDPR compliancy in the workplace, 3M have developed the new COMPLY attachment for privacy filters.

The new COMPLY attachment, which will help to support GDPR compliancy and greater display screen privacy, has been introduced into the UK and in Mainland Europe as an extension to 3M’s current business products range.

3M’s new COMPLY attachment makes it easier for those who use privacy filters to share their screens when required, but comes with the added protection of being able to shield screen displays when flipping back to the COMPLY filter.

How the COMPLY Attachment Works

As loosely covered above, the main benefit of 3M’s new COMPLY attachment stems from the overall ease of use.

The filter is able to both display and hide the displays of both laptops and desktop computer screens, something which has become important for businesses who handle sensitive information on a daily basis.

COMPLY’s filter can be adjusted from the use of a flip action.

Flipping the hinged attachment to the back will mean your screen can be seen in full view, whilst flipping the COMPLY attachment to the front protects your screen from any unwanted attention.

3M state that the COMPLY attachment is available to fit privacy filters in most laptop sizes, with the additional benefit of being able to be retrofitted to any existing privacy filters also.

In terms of colour choice, the privacy filter film which the COMPLY attachment uses is supplied in three different colours – these being Black, Gold and High Clarity, with four types of COMPLY attachments available to fit various styles of laptops, flat-front screens and bezel displays.

Providing Users with the Best of Both Worlds

Speaking further on the launch of the new COMPLY attachment for privacy screens, Peter Barker, EMEA Business Development Manager for 3M Privacy Filters comments:

“Privacy filters are a popular product among resellers, delivering an attractive margin and fit into their customers’ GDPR compliance strategies.

We have seen an uptake in sales and interest in privacy filters since GDPR’s introduction.

However, the quality between different brands varies greatly, sometimes with impaired clarity impacting the user’s viewing experience.

Plus, we know some people tend to remove filters when they want to share their screens but then forget to re-apply them, or even lose them, putting visual privacy at risk.

COMPLY from 3M overcomes these issues, giving users the best of both worlds: instant screen-sharing when they need it and visual privacy the rest of the time.”

Backing up Barker’s insight in a press release from 3M on the need for a system to help simplify the use of privacy filters, 3M’s Global Business Manager, Jessica Walter, adds:

“Workers who frequently remove privacy filters can misplace them or stop using them, leaving information on their screen exposed to threats like visual hacking.

The new attachment system makes it easier to switch laptop screens between ‘share’ and ‘privacy’ modes.

Workers can go from collaborating with others to protecting information on their screens, and vice versa, with one quick flip.”

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