AF Anti-Bac+ Range Effective Against Spread of Coronavirus

AF International Anti-Bac Coronavirus

Cleaning and hygiene products manufacturer AF International confirmed recently that its Anti-bac+ range is effective against the Coronavirus strain currently receiving widespread media attention.

As first reported by Channel Info, AF International have confirmed that its range of Anti-bac+ products which includes Sanitising Screen Wipes, Sanitising Surface Wipes and Sanitizing Hand Rub have all been tested and pass accreditation standards for protection against a number of common bacteria and viruses, including the currently prominent Coronavirus.

Standards including EN12476, EN14476, EN1500, EN16615 and EN1650 are all met by the range, with recent testing of EN14476:2013 and A1:2015, known to be the standards relating to Coronavirus, now also demonstrating the Anti-bac+ range has efficacy against the Coronavirus disease.

AF International also state that their Anti-bac+ range can kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including HIV, Ebola, Influenza, Rubella, Measles, Rabies, Candida Albicans, P. Aeruginosa, S. Aureusm, E coli and more.

The Wuhan Coronavirus

First identified in the early part of January 2020, Coronavirus (also known as novel coronavirus and nCoV) has become a rapidly evolving virus strain said to have originated from the province of Wuhan in China.

It is from the same family of viruses as ‘Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome’ (also known as MERS-CoV) responsible for the SARS outbreak which occurred in 2003.

Much like SARS and other potentially deadly viruses, Coronavirus requires urgent action to be taken in order to keep it effectively contained and to lessen the chances of it further spreading from human to human.

As with many other viruses and spreadable diseases, the best preventative steps to take are to ensure the regular sanitation of both surfaces and hands.

Due to its low resistance to disinfection, further contamination of the strain can be avoided with the use of AF International’s Specialist Surface Wipes and Hand Rub after usual washing and cleaning processes.

Further advice and guidelines for safe practice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak can be found on the World Health Organisation’s website here.

Basic Protective Measures Against Bacteria & Viruses

To provide some guidance on preventing the spread of a number of common bacteria and viruses along with the Coronavirus strain, AF International have produced an infographic which contains several basic protective measures that the public can take which we’ve included below.

Basic protective measures against coronavirus

AF International Infographic: Basic protective measures against coronavirus

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