Durable Turns 100 This Year

Durable Turns 100

Durable turns 100 this year after creating pioneering workplace solutions and office essentials since 1920.

From making their first waves in the office products industry with the introduction of metal indexing tabs in 1920, it’s been quite the progression for the Durable brand as they reach the 100 year mark.

Originally beginning life under a different name, the Durable brand originates from the Sauerland region of Germany and have become pioneers in innovation, efficiency and aesthetics due to their wide product range and strong key partnerships with retailers.

These components have helped Durable to become the sustainable success that it has become today, with their persistence in adapting to societal changes and trending workplace habits establishing them as a brand that is well known and adored both on a national and global level.

Durable Turns 100 – Key Milestones in Their History

Originators of the metal indexing tabs which went to become the state-of-the-art system for effective filing at the time, Durable was founded by Karl Hunke and Wilhelm Jocheim and is still owned by its founding families to this very day.

Some of the key milestones of the company as Durable turns 100 this year include:

1940 – Durable begin the production of new plastic items including indexes.

1950/1960 – The company builds and commissions modern production facilities, going onto further enlarge them and continuously upgrade them as the years pass.

Durable’s first administrative building containing open-plan offices is also constructed in Iserlohn.

1993 – Durable purchases another production facility in Gotha.

Additionally, the company builds a modern distribution centre in Iserlohn- Sümmern.

2006 – A new plant at Stattin is successfully commissioned, adding another large production facility to their operations.

2010 – Durable acquires the Idealplast brand, helping it to diversify its existing range of plastic containers and desk accessories with the addition of products from one of the leading providers in the market.

October 2010 – The company takes over part of the company Atlanta, well known for their trolley and waste bin product range.

These new items provide Durable with more products to compliment their facility management ranges.

2015 – Durable founds its subsidiary in Italy, adding to its preexisting subsidiaries in England, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and the USA.

Durable’s Most Notable Product Innovations

Over these past 100 years, Durable have been responsible for helping to support workplaces and homes everywhere with several notable product innovations and advancements.

The first of these products was the DURACLIP© range – the first filing product of its kind to hold paper together without damaging individual pages.

Since being created in 1959, Durable have gone on to sell 500 million units of DURACLIP© products and can be regarded as one of the most important paper sorting solutions to have been developed.

Focusing on the need for innovation of presentation supplies, Durable then develop the DURAFRAME© in 2009, a magnetic information frame which is now used in almost every sector and continues to see strong growth in the present day.

Shifting their attention to workplace and home organisation, the company then develops the VARICOLOR© Drawer Box in 2012.

The unique selling point with this product is that each of the drawers has its own colour, adding not only colour to any environment but an effective type of coding for filing systems.

Along with these major product creations, Durable have also produced Tablet Holders, the CAVOLINE© cable management system, QUADRO© multi-functional trolleys, DURAFIX© roll and Monitor Mounts.

Durable in 2020 and Beyond

Durable are planning to begin a brand-new corporate century with a refreshed design portfolio which references existing brand elements and further transforms them into modern, forward-thinking designs.

Martina Heiland, Press Officer at Durable adds:

“The new corporate design emphasises our ambition to create modern, clear, excellent solutions for the workplace.

The company also intends to carry on with its holistic approach to sustainability and improving its environmental credentials.”

As Durable’s Former Managing Director, Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke and Current Managing Director, Matthias Laue explain:

“Companies that operate sustainably are more successful in the long run.

In keeping with our vision of quality, our primary objective is to balance commercial, economic and social interests.”

They add:

“Besides great customer satisfaction, the top quality of our products, long-term commercial success through liquidity and profitability, this also includes continuously improving our environmental performance.”


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