Staying Happy While Working From Home

Staying Happy While Working From Home

If you’ve been tasked with working outside the office during the current pandemic, your morale is just as important as the amount of work you produce. Here are a few tips on how to stay happy while working from home.

With time spent working from home instead of in the office looking ever more like a permanent switch until the conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic improve, it is important to keep making our wellbeing a priority.

According to a study carried out last year by online brand development agency Buffer which analyzed 2,500 remote workers, 19% of those taking part in the survey stated loneliness was one of the biggest challenges of working from home.

Also included in the list of issues workers experienced were ‘unplugging’ from work after shift hours and collaborating/communicating with other employees.

These factors, along with constant reminders about the current worldwide situation, can have a negative impact on our wellbeing and above all else, our overall happiness.

We have collected together a few tips in the paragraphs below from experts who provide some great ways to maintain a positive mindset whilst carrying out tasks away from your usual workplace.

Tips on Staying Happy While Working from Home

Create a Dedicated Work Space

Whilst it may be tempting to complete work from the comfort of your own bed, making sure to create a dedicated work space separate from the other areas of your home will help you to better set aside your personal time from your working hours.

Mikael Hamaoui, President of Riviera Horizons Reality, explains how he best deals with possible distractions in his home:

“I have a dedicated area in my home that is for work only.

It’s critical work from personal, or it’s too easy to find yourself on the couch watching TV.”

He adds:

“It’s imperative that anyone working from home creates a dedicated work space that is free of distractions so you can stay in work mode even when you’re at home – and try not to go to your home office outside of working hours and vice versa to really keep that separation.”

Set Yourself a Daily Schedule

There is a certain amount of freedom that can come from working at home, but to remain at your productive best, Emily Wise Miller from LiveHappy cites how setting a clear daily schedule can help put you in a better frame of mind.

“When you work from home, it’s tempting to sleep late and then work until whenever, but this is not the path to productivity.

Our brains like regularity, so set your alarm clock to get up at the same time every day (preferably early.)

Do some exercise or meditation and start the day with gusto.”

Miller continues:

“You might even want to take a walk around the block before you start working, not only for the exercise but to also create a mental demarcation between your home and work life.”

Take Part in Regular Virtual Face-to-Face Interactions

For anyone who is used to being amid a bustling office environment accommodating more than a dozen colleagues, the change to a quieter, less hectic environment may come as a short and sharp shock.

Natalie Davis, VP of Talent & Admin and Co-Creator of IMPACT’s Core Values, Vision and Culture Code, explains how continuing to build up personal connections through video conferencing can help stave off feelings of isolation and loneliness.

“As the person in charge of the remote experience for our whole team, I can say without a doubt that the most important thing we did to make remote work successful was to embrace video calls.

If you aren’t using video on most or all of your calls, you are missing an easy opportunity to build more personal connections with your teammates, clients and anyone else you interact with.”

She adds:

“Sometimes, when I’m working from home myself, it genuinely feels like I’m in the same room with the people on video.

By seeing each other, we’re able to communicate more efficiently with body language and expressions.”

Do Not Put Pressure on Yourself

Anyone who is new to working from home and away from an office may feel like they need to put pressure on themselves by completing tasks following the exact same routine as the one they would follow if turning up to their workplace.

While making sure to complete work is important, it is also worthwhile taking advantage of some of the other advantages of remote working, such as taking breaks to go for walks or being productive in your personal life during quieter periods.

Jo Hawkes, Brand Consultant & Art Director at Jo Hawkes Design & Consultancy, expands more on how not being too hard on yourself during the work day can help take unnecessary weight off your shoulders:

“I think there is a bit of pressure right now that we should all still be ‘go go go’ whilst at home.

That we must keep running on that business building treadmill and feel guilty if we do sleep in that extra 30 minutes.

And this isn’t healthy.”

Hawkes adds:

“I think if this crisis is teaching us anything, it’s that the more basic human needs are far more valuable than we usually give them credit for.

The quality time spent with our loved ones at home, our amount of sleep, and even just the need to slow down and relax a little.

Embrace this time with productivity, whether it’s that wardrobe clear out you’ve been putting off, or finally starting your side hustle.

But keep a healthy dose of kindness to yourself too.”

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