Nespresso Coffee to be Carbon Neutral by 2022

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Leading coffee producer Nestlé has announced plans to ensure their Nespresso Coffee brand becomes fully carbon neutral by 2022.

Nestlé’s Nespresso brand, which has been carbon neutral in some of its business operations and practices since 2017, was first established in 1986 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Via a press release on the Nespresso website, Nestlé is aiming to build upon previous work in helping to reduce its carbon usage and emissions with the announcement that the brand will achieve full carbon neutrality within the next two years.

The company have stated that they are planning to make Nespresso coffee carbon neutral via several initiatives and implementations, such as:

Continuing efforts across the business to eliminate carbon emissions completely

Planting new trees at the location of many of the coffee farms that Nespresso sources its coffee from

Supporting and investing in high quality carbon offsetting projects

In the announcement from Nespresso, CEO Guillaume Le Cunff, explained why the company is now increasing its efforts to provide carbon neutral Nespresso coffee to customers worldwide.

“Climate change is a reality and our future depends on going further and faster on our sustainability commitments.

That is why we are accelerating our commitments to offer our consumers a way to drink a carbon neutral cup of coffee by 2022.

A coffee, made from the finest and rarest beans, sustainably sourced.”

He continues:

“I truly believe that both our business and the coffee industry can be a force for good in the world by tackling this pressing issue.”

Initiatives Being Introduced to Make Nespresso Coffee Carbon Neutral

Within the press release, Nespresso expands on the type of actions the company will be taking to build upon the promised initiatives towards making Nespresso coffee carbon neutral.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Nespresso considers decarbonizing its value chain as a crucial part of it’s ongoing mission statement, with the company stating it will focus on sustainable energy usage within its operations and ensuring Nespresso packaging and capsules are being produced via recyclable materials.

Planting Trees in Coffee Farms and Surrounding Landscapes (Insetting)

With the support and guidance of company partner Pur Projet, Nespresso will look to triple the capacity of planting trees (with insetting) at several its key coffee farm locations in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

Offsetting Projects

Investments are being made by the company in several offsetting projects including forest conservation and restoration along with the implementation of other clean energy solutions that will further support farming communities.

Backing from the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board

Intentions and efforts by Nespresso to produce a 2022 carbon neutrality roadmap is being supported and backed by members of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board including its Brand Ambassador and Co-founder of one of its working partners, Pur Projet.

Tristan Lecomte, co-founder of Pur Projet, stressed the importance of businesses investing in carbon emission reduction, praising the new plans being set by Nespresso.

“The pressure is on for all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and Nespresso is clearly showing a strong will to tackle its own carbon emissions via this ambitious and qualitive carbon neutral program.

While we all search for the technical innovations that will reduce carbon, it is urgent that businesses invest as well in the sequestration of their emissions to balance their books as quickly as possible.”

He adds:

“We’ve been proud to support Nespresso in doing this, planting millions of trees across the globe within coffee regions in Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia to take carbon dioxide out of the air since 2014.

We will continue working together and triple the capacity of the carbon insetting program and regenerating the ecosystems we all depend on.”

Support for Nespresso Coffee from a Famous Face

Known as the face for much of Nespresso’s advertising campaigns and promotional material, famous actor George Clooney has also expressed his support toward Nespresso’s bid for its Nespresso coffee to become carbon neutral, commenting:

Climate change is happening now, which means that we must all take responsibility and action, quickly.

It’s clear that Nespresso understands this urgency and is putting our planet and people front and centre of the choices it makes.”

Clooney expands:

“These ambitions and vision build on a commitment to sustainability that I have been privileged to have been involved in over the last seven years.

I’ve seen how far we’ve come in that time, and I’m excited to see the good that Nespresso can deliver in the next 10 years.”

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