Are You Arranging a Virtual Christmas Party?

Arranging a Virtual Christmas Party

This year, corporate events for Christmas won’t be possible in most parts of the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But are you or is your company arranging a virtual Christmas party instead?

When your office has to be remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, how do you organize an annual corporate Christmas event?

As a recent article on BBC reports, companies have decided to turn to arranging a virtual Christmas party for employees instead, bringing all of the festive fun and networking opportunities to laptop and desktop screens instead of a physical location.

With the importance of ensuring that workers are staying happy whilst working from home taking priority during what has been an unpredictable year, companies hope that arranging virtual Christmas parties will help to raise team morale heading into the New Year.

Who Came Up with The Idea of Virtual Christmas Parties?

Events within a virtual setting have been popular throughout the year, but Hire Space were just one of many events companies who have had to adapt during the pandemic.

Instead of organising events for exhibition halls, hotels or luxurious restaurants, events companies have been hosting themed events and parties – all within a virtual setting.

For example, one virtual Christmas party that was recently hosted included a comedic bouncer who checked each person’s digital avatar for the correct dress code and featured nearly 30 different rooms that workers could explore within the virtual environment.

Even virtual murder mystery parties have been all of the rage, with companies like Digital Murder Mystery Co. organising a plethora of exciting virtual mystery parties for organizations to get involved with, all hosted by an actor to keep the immersion going.

What Are Some Other Types of Virtual Corporate Christmas Events?

Of course, the thought of arranging a virtual Christmas party might not be everyone’s cup of tea which is why other alternative team-building activities and Christmas treats are being prepared for workers too.

One of these interactive team activities is mentioned by Metro and named ‘Bake with a Legend.’

Employees are encouraged to take part in virtual baking workshops which are hosted by former Great British Bake Off contestants.

Participants are even supplied with a fully refrigerated box of ingredients to help them follow along with baking up all types of festive treats.

And for those who want to stay away from the kitchen table, companies are enlisting the help of experienced florists to host online Christmas wreath making classes which have proved to be a huge hit so far.

How Can I Arrange a Virtual Christmas Party?

Of course, the types of activities mentioned above aren’t the only way to arrange a virtual Christmas party.

You could opt to go down a more low-key route and just hold a group call to chat amongst peers whilst enjoying a drink or some festive themed food.
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Or if you want to keep people engaged and active with a Christmas themed activity, why not host a few sessions of Christmas Bingo or other themed games that involve a paper and pen or a marker pen and wipe-clean board?

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Whatever you decide to do this Christmas as a business, the benefits of arranging a virtual Christmas party outweigh the negatives, so why not be creative, have fun and stay safe!

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