Beating Working from Home Fatigue in 2021

Working From Home Fatigue

Being consigned to a home office or home working space each day can soon bring about working from home fatigue. Here’s our advice on how you can beat it.

If you’ve been feeling worn out, stressed, or burned out by a working from home routine lately, you’re not alone.

As TheHRDirector recently revealed, half of the UK’s remote workforce is beginning to suffer from working from home fatigue, with many feeling creatively stifled, isolated from their colleagues and in some scenarios, is impacting on mental health.

Luckily, there are a few things you can begin to adapt regarding your daily routine and a few instant adjustments you can make to help you beat the working from home fatigue and get you back to your most productive and motivated best.

Here is our advice on beating working from home fatigue.

How to Beat Working from Home Fatigue

Take Regular Breaks

We’ve previously discussed on OPInfo Blog about the importance of ensuring to take regular breaks and during the current Lockdown, it’s become more vital than ever to take short breaks to refresh our thoughts and re-energize between tasks.

During these breaks, you could re-organize some of your paperwork or the files on your computer or have a quick discussion with a colleague who may be feeling the same when it comes to experiencing working from home fatigue too.

Regularly getting up from your chair and walking around the house can also be effective in shaking off sluggishness or a loss of focus, so taking a coffee or tea break at several intervals during the day is another way to allow yourself to re-charge before you get back to a task.

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Add Variety to Each Workday

Following a set routine and working on the same type of tasks in a certain order each day can be a huge contributor to working from home fatigue.

Lethargy can quickly build itself up if you are following the same set routine every time you enter the home office or sit down in your working space, so try to add some sense of variety to the workday.

This could be something as simple as going for a short walk on your lunch break instead of in the morning or starting the day differently by doing some tidying around the house instead of watching TV before you begin a working from home shift.

No matter how small the tweaks in your routine, the improvement in your morale will become noticeable when you fill your days with more variety.

Cut Down on Video Calls and Virtual Conferences

It might sound counter-productive at first, but the switch of physical meetings to a virtual format and the increasing popularity of video calls can contribute to working from home fatigue, sometimes without you realizing it.

When hosting or joining in with video calls, your attention and focus will often be split between when each participant is speaking and other items on the screen such as presentation slides or even just the faces of other people in the call.

Because of this, constantly being involved in video calls and virtual conferences during the work week is bound to bring about some exhaustion.

You could instead consider asking those who have requested these types of virtual catchups if it could instead be discussed in a series of quick emails or by a short phone call instead.

Reduce Multi-Tasking

Because of a change in environment, the prospect of carrying out multiple jobs at the same team (AKA multi-tasking) becomes tempting in order to try and convince ourselves it’s the most productive way of working in a more relaxed environment.

However multi-tasking requires us to constantly switch our attention span from activity to activity, such as writing out content whilst in a video meeting or speaking to colleagues on the phone whilst inputting data into a spreadsheet.

But the truth is that multi-tasking can cause us greater amounts of stress and anxiety in ‘racing against the clock’ to complete each piece of work quickly and progress onto the next.

There are other examples of multi-tasking you should aim to avoid too that merge your personal time with working hours, such as checking personal emails whilst studying data or browsing the internet whilst filing paperwork.

These are just a few ways that you can beat working from home fatigue – but don’t forget to carry out regular exercise where possible and get a good night’s sleep too.

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